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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. Shep
    Aha! Thank you, GeorgeA. I'm 200 units away from delivery, so nothing to get excited about. I'll come back here in 2021 if they are still in business.
  2. Richter Di
    A16 Arrived today.
    Firmware 1.76 - which is newer compared to the version available on the website.
    Lucky me, no updated necessary.

    Firmware 1.76 Oct 21 2019.jpg
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  3. GeorgeA
    Congratulations for your long-awaited toy.
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  4. You Gene
    Super duper!
    You are going to be a busy bee now...
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  5. You Gene
    Well, I wouln’t be too pessimistic about that.

    Stephen and Mike Smyth are well known in the audio community ; with the audio coding algorithm apt-X as well as the other algorithm for DTS. They must have developed a hell of a network and business contacts.

    The proof of all that is "Heavenly Sound" taking over. They are not a small company ; the Chinese/American owner of Heavenly Sound is the partner of Barco in China…No way these guys are letting a small susidiary go belly-up! Not good at all for business.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
  6. esimms86
    I'm very happy for you.

    I wonder what issues have been addressed with the new firmware?
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  7. J.Villain
    But having ship dates > 5 years from order is? If they cared that much about Smyth they would toss some money at them to get this stuff shipped so they could take new orders. If you sell just 2 units you have paid for an intern for a month. I suspect HS is as shocked as every one else at how bad of business people the Smyths are. If is doesn't cost them any more money they will let it run. If the Smyths ask for more they will probably pull the plug. I put the chances of ever receiving mine and being able to use it at < 50%. After a year of shipping with no money coming in they will likely just say F it.
  8. You Gene
    Believe me, I sympathize because I am waiting for it as well.

    Why would a large company get involved with a small and insignificant firm with only a bit more than 330 customers (kickstarters + x)? :
    they might be interested in buying the patents exclusively, like DTS did earlier.

    On the other hand, they did not buy Smyth Research Ltd ; they only set up Heavenly Sound (UK) Ltd at the same address with the Chinese as shareholder for 100% and Stephen Smyth as Director.

    Is this a sort of trial run, a beta phase before buying the patents?

    I am trying to reassure myself that we are now too big to fail...
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
  9. J.Villain
    I have to wonder why HS would have invested in a company that even though they have had the components manufactured for over a year is only ably to assemble a few per month. How many centuries would it take HS to get their money back? I think you are right in that they want the patents either for them selves or to flip them.
  10. Richter Di
    Thank all of you.

    No idea what the new firmware does better.

    So did the naming of 4 headphones.
    The Headphone EQ for all 4 with the Measure EQ response (autoEQ)
    And for one of the headphones the manLOUD. I was very surprised how for the different bands the center shifted to the right or left. So it was really great to be able to adjust this.

    Made a direct comparison of autoEQ and manLoud with the feature Headphone A/B switching (great feature). Although I did some heavy adjustment the two results are not day and night.

    BTW, I am listening to Qobuz with the FiiO M11 digital out. So this works with the Smyth Realiser A16.

    Next step head tracking.
  11. Om ma Ni
    So we are two now with the new 1.76 firmware..
    Congratulation for receiving your A16.
    Please could you share with us your experience when performing the different HPEQ specially the tricky manLoudEQ? Was it hard ? any hint?
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  12. Dixter
    How do you like the M11... that DAP should sound very good with the A16... I'm waiting to see how the M15Pro is going to be...
  13. Dixter
    A possible vs 1.76 ??? This was posted on the french site by gearnet (google translation)

    " Good morning all.
    Happy owner of an A16 (# 12), I was desperate because 2 problems had appeared:
    - Non-functioning module "Audio meter"
    - TEST function malfunction (unable to individualize the channels)

    After consultation with Stephen, that I thank again strongly, it appeared that these dysfunctions were the result of the same cause.
    It was in this case the absence of valid preset on the user B (I did not have the utility).
    After setting up a correct preset for this user B, everything works perfectly.
    This should be corrected for the FW. "
  14. weijiangnan
    Are there any users from China? I want to do some preparatory work, such as the Chinese culture of a16 manual. If it's convenient, you can add a QQ (945985648) for communication.
  15. Richter Di
    So. I wouldn’t say it is hard, but I didn’t get before, quite frankly, if I still needed to do the measurement of the headphones with the microphones. The answer is, yes you do. By the way just exchanging these headphone profiles is an interesting experience because the four headphones I use at the moment (HD 800, Hifiman Ananda, Fostex TH-X00, Ultrasone Edition 9) for these first tests, sound so horrible when used with a different profile from the measurement with the in ear microphones.
    I guess, I will do the whole measurement again, that would be the third time, because during the measurement the display for the volume perceived by the inear microphones was most of the time in the yellow. I read in the manual but it should be in the green not peaking red.

    A very nice feature is that you can change left to right balance for some frequency bands. I guess it must be myears. I’m now over 50.

    It is OK because it is a quite quick player. Although it has some issues when you switch to Amazon music and also sometimes to Qobuz. I have opened a thread for this topic: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/amazon-music-and-qobuz-problems-on-the-fiio-m11.916710/

    I was very surprised that the A16 did not recognize some Hi-Res formats via SPDIF Coax. I thought that the specification was:

    can someone with an A16 comment on. this?
    Will have to do some more test to make sure. But the topic of getting the autoEQ measurements right is more important.
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