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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. Flash676
    Received an email asking for shipping details early this morning - #67.
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  2. bcwang
    So I finally was able to see the audio delay you all are talking about. The Xbox one can switch output between Atmos bitstream and pcm 7.1 output. With that I can play YouTube audio sync test patterns. With pcm it is perfectly synced as far as I can tell. With Atmos it is slightly behind. Not super obvious with talking but you can tell when drum smacks not being exactly on queue. Is this the amount of delay those who had complained are seeing? Or was it supposed to be worse?

    I had read some posts that it might be some config issue because when they did one thing or another with the files in their storage, the delay went away. Is this true such that even with Atmos the delay can be 100% gone or was that delay “bug” a much worse delay?

    Also, on Atmos I get a lot of clicking with the Netflix movie “wheelman”. Not sure if it’s the movie, the Xbox one causing it, or the a16 causing it. Any of you tried this movie before with Atmos audio? I would say within 5 minutes you would hear at least one click. Sometimes much more often, it was throughout the whole movie.
  3. hadron70
    You seem to talk about latency, which so far was not discussed at all in this forum. It is specified to be at 32ms regardless of the input format. The Kickstarter document showed a low latency mode with only 3ms, something that would be very helpful for critical gaming, playing musical instruments and using wireless headphones.

    @audiohobbit: Can you include this feature in the poll of your thread, together with the hybrid mode?

    Now that you have mentionend it, I might also have heard some clicks (at other movies). Not sure though, have to pay more attention now.
  4. Juy777
    It might have eluded you in this 400+ pages long thread, but latency issues have been discussed here. Namely a audio latency of about 2-3 frames using Atmos mode, meaning audio is in some usage cases about 80ms up to 120ms late. This would be significantly more than the advertised 30ms.

    Of course some people have TVs with image enhancement processing which delays the picture, and for those the latency problem might not be as noticable.
    I still have to test if there are sync issues for me with the current firmware version 1.70.

    One can still hope that Smyth Research will incorporate a +/- 200 ms AV sync feature in a future
    firmware version. I belive we listed that as feature request which has been sent to Smyth Research
    by Audiohobbit and which was promised by Smyth in this KS comment:

    The other issue was a delay artefact which resulted after switching presets (the old preset didnt get flushed completely after switching). This apparently has been solved since firmware 1.60
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2019
  5. phoenixdogfan
    I'll probably be ordering an A16 around the first week of January if not sooner. Just curious, is there a way to measure latency that's easy and economical enough for a layman to employ. I seem to have read that someone was using some software of app that pinned down precisely the exact ammt of latency. Would appreciate if that person would share.
  6. Juy777
    I think a try and error approach with movies will suffice, just look for a part with close up dialogue or lets say a gun being fired with a muzzle flash and shift it until its in sync, it is quite obvious.

    Or try some You Tube search term "AV Sync" and test patterns like this could be helpful, i am not sure if the sources can be trusted, though.

    Last edited: Oct 5, 2019
  7. hadron70
    Ups, I guess it might have. 80-120ms is really really bad.

    Unfortunately, delaying audio/video does nothing apart for watching movies. It is really the latency that has to come down. The 3ms were in the spec sheet, so we should at least put it in the wish list.
  8. Juy777
    Yea, this will only solve watching movies. We have been promised a 3ms low latency gaming mode, that would be very important or i will keep my A8 hooked up to the PC for playing games.
    Also a must have for most wireless HP and other cases.

    Smyth A16 KS.jpg

    Screenshot from Kickstarter page
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2019
  9. audiohobbit
    Both features are on the list but I can not add them to the poll. As I already said it seems that in this forum you can only have one poll PER THREAD with a maximum of 8 answers.

    Anyway I'll update the whole list and send the update to them in the next days, so it would be about 2 weeks after my first mail.
  10. hadron70
    So the whole poll makes not much sense. Not that it matters anyway...
  11. J.Villain
    If they don't have any returns allowing you to jump the line you might as well wait until they have finished shipping the backlog in a year or two before pulling the trigger.
  12. Richter Di
    I guess they still have some A16 for free sale for the full price.
  13. phoenixdogfan
    If I have $4k, they'll have a Realiser for me.
  14. VandyMan

    Why would the latency be lower with 96K and 192K? Does that indicate that they upsample 48K and that is slow?
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2019
  15. bcwang
    I wonder if this was only reporting the latency through the SVS processing. Since through PCM input I am not detecting noticeable latency. It could be the Dolby Atmos decoder is adding additional latency that wasn’t known at the time this table was created.
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