Smyth Research Realiser A16
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I have heard nothing further from James. Neither have I been contacted by a courier company. James emailed me last Tuesday telling me my realiser was ready to ship. Mrmac was contacted by the courier in a similar time frame.

I am very sorry to hear this!
Which probably means that in the two weeks since August 12th they have not send out the promised minimum of 10 per week. No wonder they have not send out any update.
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That is disappointing to hear. It seems like they didn't even manage to ship 10 units to Kickstarter backers. They also didn't post any shipping updates on Kickstarter, I guess because the number is just too small.

They probably shipped a bunch to people who paid full price, and like you say, that left so few for backers that they don't like to admit it
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They probably shipped a bunch to people who paid full price, and like you say, that left so few for backers that they don't like to admit it

Yeah, that is probably the case. I prefer honesty instead of silence though, if they would come out and say "It's bad but we need to sell full price units to stay afloat and to secure our future" then fine. I want this company to stay in business and update the A16 with new features over the years, not to go bankrupt in the next couple of months.
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So how many people actually have one in this thread? 2? 3?

There’s three that I know of. Myself and a user from Germany who both paid full price and @mrmac who I believe was a KS backer. Over on the French forum from what I could tell maybe one or two people received a unit.
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I just thought:
Maybe their team works only part-time for them because they can't pay more and that maybe also a reason why things go very slow.

If I recall this correctly they didn't anticipate that many backers/pre-orders as there are now.
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Wow, now that's unexpected. Videos from Smyths themselves on Youtube! Very cool!
Even with the headphone signal from the Realiser! Listen to it via headphones, Part 2 for example (Solo/Mute).
Even with the cheap earbuds here at my office PC I get an out-of-head experience. That's nice. (Unfortunately no solo-ing of an overhead channel).
Who's the girl...? :wink:

Anyway, the mics look different than those of the A8. In the manual of the A16 the pictures are a bit too dark to see this.
I think the placement in the manual and in the video (especially there) is wrong. Seems like she uses foam tips that are too thick for her ear canal.
IMO the mics should be deeper in the ear canal.

Compare p. 30 in the A8 manual:
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Haven't actually read the manual yet, but after watching the first video above I was curious how to transfer my PRIRs and HPEQs currently in use on the A8 over to the A16 (whenever that device actually arrives). I assume I just place a microSD card containing the needed files into the A16 and somehow "import" them.

On the A8 you can access PRIR/HPEQ files either from internal numbered memory locations of the A8 into which they were previously saved, or directly from the SD card. And there are utility functions to transfer these files to/from the SD card and to/from memory. So I have all of my PRIR and HPEQ files (a) in memory locations, (b) on the 2GB FAT-formatted SD card, and (c) copied to my PC for backup (and for "hex edit" perhaps, say to change some ASCII text if desired). Creating a new microSD card from my PC A8 backups containing these PRIR and HPEQ files for use with the A16 is no problem.

But I don't see instructions in the manual as to whether the A8 file formats will be recognized immediately and used properly when the microSD card is read by the A16. There's no mention of any of this in the manual that I can find, relating to "File Utilities" or anywhere else. Perhaps there's no actual format difference between A8 and A16, maybe just a naming convention difference to distinguish them. And perhaps just more channel numbers for the A16 (beyond 7.1 of the A8, into the additional ones usable only by the A16) using some already established A8 convention for how the channels are designated and named. So maybe the A8 files are therefore inherently directly usable with no special consideration worthy of being mentioned in the manual. Time will tell, I suppose.

But it does seem like an oversight that there's no direct discussion in the manual about compatibility issues between A8 and A16 for current A8 users to understand. At the very least I would expect a discussion of how to use current A8 PRIR/HPEQ files on the A16.
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The first question is whether it is just using the standard Samsung TV remote codes and repurposing them. That would be bad as any one with a Samsung TV would have issues. If any one gets one and owns a Samsung TV can you please point the A-16 remote at the TV and hit the power button to see if any thing happens. If it is the same codes you can select Samsung TV in the Logitec software as the device. Then you have to figure out how the keys are mapped.
I have two Samsung 32" J6300 TVs, and the remote (BN59-01223A) has the identical button layout as the new remote for the A16, as has already been pointed out. Different key caps obviously, but otherwise clearly from the same OEM manufacturer (perhaps Samsung).

Not yet having an A16 in my possession there's no way for me to test if the IR codes put out by the Samsung and A16 remotes are the same or not. But I will perform that experiment eventually, and report back.

As it turns out my two J6300 TV locations are NOT where my A16 is planned to go. So there's no actual conflict for me even if the two remotes are putting out identical IR code sets for there identical buttons.
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