Smyth Research Realiser A16
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thanks for the suggestion of Herbie Hancock.... sounds very good with ooyhO preset... interesting switching the presets... some are night and day... getting used to this will make it hard to go back to standard stereo playback that's for sure..
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The recording/content has influence as well of course. I am now listening to Herbie Hancock, River: The Joni Letters and I am mesmerized (mainly by the music I must say, yet switching back to plain stereo now is like a punishment, crushing the music back into the inside of my skull).

thanks for the suggestion of Herbie Hancock.... sounds very good with ooyhO preset... interesting switching the presets... some are night and day... getting used to this will make it hard to go back to standard stereo playback that's for sure..

I would strike one note of equation. When you first hear surround virtualization it is easy to become enamored with all the space and staging you're gaining. After some time however you begin to realize all the accuracy, timbral fidelity, and proper imaging you're sacrificing. Engineers have gone through a lot of trouble to enhance the music in an organic way. Poor surround solutions externalize soundstage by smearing out the image making the sound indistinct, blurry, and "phasey."

Personally I love surround virtualization so much I am willing to give up a fair amount of fidelity for the privilege. However, it is best to be aware of the cost/benefit and if possible attenuate the settings to achieve a happy balance.

It takes a lot of tech to be able to achieve surround virtualization that properly retains but expands the engineered sonic image. This is, of course, the reason why we'er all waiting for the A16.
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Just a heads up. To get hesuvi working in 7.1 on a 2 channel soundcard, I believe you need to install VoiceMeeter. There are specific instructions here
So far my fav presets are cmss,oal-dflt, tuc,tub. For me the prefered preset depends on the mastering(tonal) of what I'm listening to, mood, and if its music or movies. Sometimes ooyh sounds great but all too often I prefer the others.The less tinny sounding the better, tho my ears do adjust somewhat over time. Hope this helps.

After some fooling around I seem to have it working. For stereo only, my laptop doesn't support surround sound and that seems to be a problem for how it is all organised now (of course it should not be a fundamental problem, since the end result of the binauralization proces is 2 channel audio for headphones). So now it should simulate 2 speakers in front of me. What it does for me: With the ooyh0 setting it manages to push the sound from a line between my ears to outside my head... but only just outside my head, the sound now seems to be like in a 3 cm wide shell around my head. All other settings that I have tried do even less for me. So nowhere, and really nowhere near what the realiser with my own PRIR did for me in my demo. Of course non-personalised no stellar results could be expected unless one is really lucky maybe. Still fun to play with this a bit, sound glued like a 3 cm thick shell around my head is a nice change from a line between my ears. It would be interesting to make this software work with my own PRIR somehow, see how it does then.
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I just tried HeSuVi, i had never heard about this software before and it's actually working not bad.
The only thing is that, to my hears, the front channels don't really sound in front, but remain at the level of my hears or maybe very slightly ahead. The real OOYH software make it sound much more in front (even though far from the accuracy i could experiment with the A16 when i got my measurement done).
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Can someone kindly explain to me how thing works like im 12?

Is this meant to replace your amp/dac? Will you have to connect your DAC to it, what if it's not enough to power/drive headphones properly?

And if you only have a headphone set-up without any 7.1 sound card virtualization, is it better to buy one or to just leave it as is?

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Can someone kindly explain to me how thing works like im 12?
How what works, HeSuVi (just something that came up in the last few posts) or the A16 (the main topic of this thread)? In your questions you seem to be mixing them up.

If it is about the A16:
See video:
Read datasheet: A16 new datasheet Jan 2017.pdf
After that ask remaining/new questions.
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Thanks! It is always heartening to find someone whose understanding is enhanced with such sensitivity, insight, and empathy. It seems as if the Smyths have not consolidated their A-16 buyers e-mail list, although this is a simple, almost effortless, and cost-free effort, which would go a long way toward making the more substantial and unavoidable technical reasons behind their delays more bearable to some of their customers.

I shall send a note to James Smyth about putting me on the appropriate list (and that would be the 2nd time I am doing that, incidentally). I really do hope they would take the opportunity to consolidate the mailing lists, but I am not holding my breath.

Sincere thanks for understanding, and for the explanations you have provided, just the same :).

To update an issue with missing e-mail updates that came up about a month ago, I sent an inquiry to James Smyth a while back and received the following response today: It may be useful information for others who have also missed Smyth's e-mail updates on the A-16:


Thanks for getting in contact, and sorry for the late reply.

I have checked our email list and see for some reason you haven't been added
to the email list.

I have updated the email list and you're now included.
You will now receive all updates regarding the A16.

Also please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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I don`t.
But I think it’s about time!
Me too. I've been here since the beginning (kickstarter backer). I wouldn't mind the wait if they'd be more forthcoming with information.
Experience of their previous projections tells me not to raise my hopes this time.
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The lack of information/communication is unacceptable.... I think when people opt to support a design team on kickstarter or indiegogo they feel like they become part of the team in some way, at least the financial part, and get a feeling that as a backer they are entitled to a respectful communication of the progress or lack of progress... when this does not occur during the development phase than the backers lose faith in the design team... during my time as a designer we had progress meetings every single week... we had production goals established and we did everything we could to make those goals... of course things happen that put a kink in those plans.. but we identified those kinks and worked through them... and we were very up front to our management how we would overcome those events and it is what it was... its not just the A16 team doing this... its many many projects on kickstarter/indiegogo ... its a terrible way to conduct business... if a project has delays but sooner or later delivers the goods... no matter how good the goods end up being the project has aliented so many of its supporters.... its a no win situation for the project owners.... they need to come forward and communicate the issue(s) and how they plan on completion....
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Maybe, we should all organize and protest the communication situation by e-mail, or do something to get the Smyths' attention and let them know how unacceptable their silence is. If the Smyths had a representative on head-fi reading conversations, and participating in them occasionally, like other manufacturers, such as Audeze, Astell & Kern, and Schiit Audio do, they would be more responsive to our protests and questions about communications. Unfortunately, they do not seem to have any representative here, and one wonders if they're at all interested in what their A16 buyers and Backers think.

So far, we have been cutting them a lot of slack because of the success of the A-8 project, which is to some extent, understandable. However, I am thinking at this time that we have just been cutting them tooooo much slack! There is simply no disrespect in asking them to be more mindful of their communication habits, and more responsive to us their clients. After all, the investment we have made in this project is quite substantial.

So now, I am just wondering whether as buyers and backers, we can use this platform to do something more meaningful to get their attention, other than simply complaining about their communication practices in isolation.

What do you guys think about this? What can we do as an organized group of buyers/backers to draw the attention of the Smyths to their very deplorable communication practices and demand some reform?

If we do nothing, then we are mere sitting ducks, just waiting to take whatever delays and excuses the Smyths are willing to throw at us, and who knows, maybe even an eventual bust-up of this project, without delivery. Well, I personally do not find our current role of complaining sitting ducks, to be too acceptable, and I am pretty sure that I am not alone. So what can we reasonably and responsibly do here to get the Smyths' attention and hold them accountable?
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I will say this : let's all wait until September and if the shipping doesn't start next month we can all contact Smyth Research together and see what's going on. I believe that everyone's patience is limited, some can handle it longer than others. On the last note i would like to believe they will start shipping next month. We need a genuine update about the certification update, since the units are already built.

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