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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. Fox1977
    A interview of the french dealer shot during the Sound Days exhibition in Paris last week-end was uploaded on YouTube. No need to understand french, people on this topic will not learn anything new, but you get to have a close look at the A16, at the LCD screen, some menus, the back panel, etc.

  2. raband
    Nice to see it in the vid.

    Interesting to see the using closed back Denons for the demo.
  3. musicday
    Thank you for sharing, the final product looks great and the software looks stable for now.
  4. Fox1977
    The french dealer says at some point in the interview that at first two years ago, many people were reluctant to the headstand format, which led to designing also the 2U unit, but many people who came to see the A16 this week-end eventually prefered the headstand and some who preordered the 2U unit asked if it's possible to change.
  5. musicday
    Would have been very nice if you were able to attend and see and hear the A16 for yourself.
    Maybe next time:)
  6. HairyHook
    I'm surprised they are not doing the full 9.1.6 comparison with real speakers. Anybody in this thread attended that vid's event and had the chance to try out the A16 with closed headphones?
  7. Fox1977
    I wanted to go but unfortunately i couldn't make it to Paris last week-end (i live 250km from Paris)

    The founder of a french forum dedicated to home theater and hi-fi equipment attended and that the demo in 9.1.6 was really impressive, especially considering the A16 was using a BRIR and not a PRIR.
    The french dealer wanted to make a full demo with room capture and A/B comparison but he couldn't make it happen, so better than nothing, he still could propose to listen to it...
    Lucky him has been able to use it at home for nearly three weeks already ! (and he is very happy about it !)
  8. musicday
    Can we please have the link of the French forum about the Realiser A16? I want to read more about it, especially now that's in his final commercial form. Thank you.
  9. SergioPOE
    The French video mentions a price of €4290.
  10. Fox1977
    Here it is. The thread is quite long, you'll find on the first page the podcast of an interview with Stephen Smyth.

    Retail is announced at $3995, with french 20% VAT and conversion $/€ and also maybe a commission for the french dealer and you reach €4290...
  11. SergioPOE
    Does Heavenly Sound have a website? I'd be interested to see if they mention the A16.
  12. sander99
    Last edited: May 29, 2018
  13. J.Villain
    Any one go to the exchange site. Go to the signup page and hit the terms and conditions?

    "Our contract with you and licence to you last for [one year from the date of start / payment]. Any continuation by us or by you after the expiry of [one year] is a new contract under the terms then posted on Our Website."

    Does that mean you lease a BRIR for a year? Before I say more I want to see how others are reading it.
  14. raband
    It's pretty much a work in progress at the moment - aren't ready to read anything into what's on there as yet.

    That said - a yearly subscription fee for purchased rooms would not sit well.

    Maybe it opens up another section of "free" rooms and to subscribers the "personalisation" tools on the site.
  15. Fox1977
    I don't think it means that purchased rooms would last only one year, but possibly that membership to the Realiser Exchange would be conditioned to a yearly subscription fee, which would not be a good thing because if you have to pay just to access the website, plus you have to pay for most of the good rooms, plus you have to pay to get said rooms customized with your own HRTF, that will be a lot to ask... That would deprive the realiser exchange from most of its appeal. For people who did not jump onboard when preorders were possible (and cheaper), the A16 will already cost a lot. If one has to pay extra fee for any little additional thing, that's not the best way to expand the market for the A16 i think. Especially when a company like Creative announces for Q3 2018 a device like the Super X-Fi Headphone Holography, for which reactions of the people who got the demo sound a lot like those for the A16, but for only 5% of the price, i'm wondering if giving such a big bump in the A16 price tag was such a smart idea...
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