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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. Chillzone21
    What is the link to that website?
  2. Sordel
    Doesn't worry me ... it could mean that they're very close to a definite announcement.
  3. Fox1977
    Indeed, if we trust the 4 to 6 weeks period before shipping debutes that M. Smyth (i don't remember if it was Stephen or James) mentioned in his interview at Can Jam, it's been now 4 weeks already so shipping could be imminent... I'm just hoping that it's the case...
  4. Takeanidea
    Is the link to the review. If you want to find a specific review from a headfi member you need to search using their username
  5. sander99
    (At the moment I only get an error message if I go there, but there was something some time ago.)
  6. musicday
    Most likely they are updating Xchange website since it worked before.
  7. Dixter
    I am a little curious if we can take the A8 files and load them into the A16 and if they will work... or we can edit the A8 8 channels to the A16 16 channels ...
    probably wishful thinking on my part...
  8. StillaStillsFan
    In an email from a Smyth, I was told no backward or forward compatibility between A8 and A16 files.
  9. sander99
    When did you get that email and what does it say exactly?
    The document http://www.smyth-research.com/downloads/A16 UI overview.pdf (came with the 14 Nov 2017 update) suggests that A8 files can be loaded (and will be automatically converted to A16 files).
    Page 4:
    (The other way round probably is not possible, I think that has to do with copy-protection/encryption of the new format or something like that, Stephen Smyth hinted at that in the innerfidelity video.)
    And to come back to your question Dixter, because with the A16 you can create presets for wich you can select virtual speakers from different PRIRs, you can combine speakers from (converted) old A8 PRIRs with additional speakers from new PRIRs.
  10. Got the Shakes
    I assume shipping is close due to the lack of an end of April update. My thought is they skipped it because they knew shortly into May they could announce that the product was done and ready to be shipped (obviously could just be wishful thinking on my part).
  11. Fox1977
    I thought about it also but was afraid to jinx it by saying it out loud :yum:
  12. StillaStillsFan
    From James:

    Hi Don,
    No, A16 measurements will not be usable on the A8. And A8 measurements will not be usable on A16.
  13. Dr. Strangelove
    That information has to be incorrect; I got measured at AIX in fall 2016 specifically for the A16. We had to use an A8 since no A16s were stateside at that time, but I was told that the measurement would be usable on the A16, with the only compromise being confined to the more limited head-tracking of the A8. Given that the session cost a decent chunk of change, I'll be enraged if the this is now true.

    Here is an excerpt from my conversation with Mr Kramer at the time:

    And from Smyth's QA portion of their website:
    "Q3: Are A8 PRIR files compatible with the A16?
    A3: Yes."
    Last edited: May 6, 2018
  14. sander99
    I agree. But in the worst case scenario that the A16 can not use or convert an A8 file you will have to ask Smyth to convert the file for you, they can do it for sure and in your case it seems to me they should do it, and do it for free.
  15. Erik Garci
    Even if Smyth will not convert it, it is technically possible to convert it via software that captures and reproduces impulse responses.
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