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smsl su-8 dac?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by Th3Drizzl3, Jun 22, 2018.
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  1. Voxata
    I tried to contact SMSL about getting a fixed version (have V1 just two months old) and was sadly completely brushed off. The support for this unit is very poor it would seem. Can't even get a solid response.
  2. Daimonos
    My experience is completely opposite, although I bought my SU-8 from Shenzhen Audio through fulfilled by Amazon. They organized me a brand new V2 even before I had to send the original unit back.
  3. Voxata
    I contacted SMSL directly and they referred me to Massdrop. This is after a two+ week email that went unanswered in SMSL's inbox. I had to directly ping a MOT to get a response. I contacted Massdrop and they stated that it was a month out of their coverage. I forwarded this info to SMSL and they basically said I was out of luck. I contacted Shenzhen and have yet to receive a reply since they are the ones that fulfill Massdrop orders. I'm sure their support through Amazon is great, because Amazon will roast their feet on the fire otherwise.

    I've given up on SMSL support, I feel they don't really stand behind their products because "They didn't sell it". I've since modified my SMSL SU-8 to a v2 by switching the output stage to 9v supply. SMSL released this fix information, so for that at least I am greatful. In contrast I contacted Topping since I had bought a DX7s as well from Massdrop. I wanted to inquire if I had a warranty or not and they replied promptly that if I was to encounter any issue within 1 year they would stand behind their product - even though this warranty wasn't advertised on Massdrop.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
  4. davidmthekidd
    Anyone Pairing this DAC with the Massdrop THX AAA Headphone AMP? Planning on Pairing this with my Hifiman Ananda/Arya.
  5. natto lover

    Sounds good to me
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  6. davidmthekidd

    i'm still undecided between this or the Schiit Lyr3, setup looks great tho.
  7. ibbanez
    I actually just ordered the SU-8 and just got someone to come off their THX AAA 789 so that should be here soon also. Can't wait. Will report back once I do.
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  8. Thenewbie76
    Anyone can help me out? I got the same setup as @natto lover . My spotify does not seem to play the songs at all. It was able to play songs previously just fine. But then I put my computer to sleep ( i shutted off the SMSL SU-8 and THX 789 AMP first) and when I came back and turned on my computer and the Smsl SU-8 and 789 amp my spotify does not play anything. I have restarted my computer, turn it on and off, turn the SMSL SU-8 and 789 amp on and off but nothing seems to fix it . Weird thing is that I can hear audio from netflix and youtube . Also I thought it was because under the volume mixer ( I am using windows 10) the spotify program might have accidentally had its volume reduce all the way to zero but it does not even turn up on the volume mixer when I try to play music
  9. Thenewbie76
    Ok nvm. I found a fix it's a weird fix but works
  10. trellus
    What was the fix?
  11. Thenewbie76
    I had to enable my other audio devices from the audio playback settings. Could be my shiit fulla 2, monitor speakers , mother board sound card. I enabled my internal monitor speakers, switch from the DAC to the monitor as playback device, played music from spotify then changed back to the SMSL SU-8 as my playback device . Works though
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  12. ibbanez
    I know this is slightly old, but I just got this, and this is the cable I got for my HE4xx's that also use the 3.5mm connections.
  13. genclaymore
    I been enjoying my SU-8 since it came a ago. I haven't had any problems with the SU-8, but I did had problems with music bee, which caused me to switch to J river media center. But other then that, I been enjoying my songs, I even been enjoying movies and games as well. I currently have it connected into my jotunheim with balanced cables. I haven't tried my JBL LSR 305's with it yet as I been doing my listening with my Audio Technica R70X using the balanced cable I have for it. Driver's worked perfect on my end as well.
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  14. aisalen
    I also have mine already to replace my smsl m8 that I sold which is very good when I am using it paired with my Jot and DV 336. Looking forward to use this with the mentioned amp in the coming days.
  15. BrokeSkoolBoi
    anyone using schiit eitr or similar usb noise reduction with the Su8? Does it give postive results? Debating if I should sell my eitr or not.
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