Smartphone + Amp in everyday out of home use: pls share your experience
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May 24, 2012
Well, many of us own smartphones and many of us like to take our music/sound with us but we want it to be as lightweight, portable and autonomous as possible. Some of us do not like IEM's and prefer full size over the ear headphones that usually don't get enough power from smartphones to get decent volumes and sounding.
How do you use your mobile equipment (phone, amp, headphones) daily (in car/metro, when walking, in a gym)? Do you keep the phone in one pocket and amp in another? Amp clipped on your belt?
What portable amp and headphones do you use for that?
Could you share your experience please?
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May 5, 2012
I use my iPod with a FiiO LOD and the PA2V2 which I have strapped to the back of my iPod . I don't really use my smartphone for music listening because I cannot the majority of my music library on to it. Although I have begun to use Google Play which allows me to stream a lot of my library to my phone except for the fact that it doesn't support ALAC (maybe FLAC?). Depending on where I am headed I bring either my AKG K271MKII's as my full size cans or if I don't want to have to lug them around I usually bring my cheap Sennheiser earbuds. Most of the music on my iPod is in ALAC but I do have some mp3 files. I usually just carry all my gear in my backpack as that is the easiest way. I have been looking to upgrade to the YUIN PK2 because I have heard good things about them.

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