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Small under desk rack?

  1. beyermann
    Anyone knows something to somehow attach to your desktop table which could host a DAC, a headphone amp and small boxes like these? I really hate taking space away from my desktop for that, I like it to be clean, I need the space. I haven't been able to find much. They are too big and clunky, not what I need. For now im just putting my DAC and headphone amp on top my computer case but that's far from ideal.
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    You're not likely to find a pre-made rack that won't take space away from your legs (unless you're like Professor X and can't move them around anyway) since putting it under the desk means also putting them on the floor, and such racks are designed for either pro amps with rack mount ears (ie practically the same as server chassis for computers) or full size hi-fi equipment. Anything smaller in width and depth will likely be too short in height, like a skillet rack.

    Your best bet is to DIY it. Buy some MDF boards, cut to a size that will fit the electronics but will clear your legs, finish them to match the desk, and then use a power tool to drill screws into the side of the desk to mount it to one side and then make a wall or something that the floor screws into and then in turn gets screwed onto the top of the desk. This is where a power tool really becomes necessary so you can push the screw in rather than have the head of a screw or nail protruding on your desk.
  3. technobear
  4. beyermann
    Can't find anything that could be attached to an existing desk.
  5. SalR406
    Under desk is an interesting idea. I've been looking for a small rack to sit on top of my desk. Something half-rack-width for gear like Benchmark, Mytek, Sonore, etc.. Nothing I've found on-line is sized right. Some of it is too cheap and plastic looking. I'm trying to find something made of wood or metal or glass or some combination...
  6. beyermann

    It just must be under desk. I can't handle the annoyance of headphone cables going throught the desk, specially when playing some videogame, the cable gets on the way of your mouse, it really sucks.
  7. kilgoretrout
    I used this Ikea cable management tray for a while. I used it to keep cables out of sight, never a DAC or small amp, but it should work.
  8. beyermann
    That looks pretty useful for cables, however I doubt the average USB interface can sit there... perhaps a small amp could but it may get in the way of the cables going out.
  9. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    If you can cleanly manage cables to look good through a glass side panel on both sides of the case I can't see how you can't manage cables on your desk. Put the monitor on a stand, lower it on its own stand, put the headphone amp under the stand, run headphone cable under keyboard or to your left. Zip tie other cables in place and use one of those stands with a hook to keep the mouse cable floating in the air.
  10. beyermann
    I dont have space for a monitor stand and hate them, they hurt my neck.
  11. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    That's why I also said you need to be able to lower the monitor on its own stand. Failing that, wall mount it and have the amp in front of you.

    Other than that go the DIY route and drill into the desk to mount two panels to make the shelf.

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