Small speaker set ups (2.1 or less) for Home Office Spaces

  1. peep
    Hello, I finally made an account after reading what others have posted on here for years to help me make my decisions on headphones (thank you for all the info!). I am currently using an entry level Hifiman set (HE400i) and am in love with their profile and agility, along with a set of Oppos (PM-3) for travel and when I don't want to annoy those around me. I am looking for two different speaker set ups for two home office spaces, that need to be small in size due to limited space.

    The first is for me, the Planar Magnetic lover. Budget for this set is between $500-700 US and should only be a single speaker system as floor space for a sub is very limited. Main source will be from my AK Jr. I don't really listen to any one genre more than others, and listen to almost all of them (maybe a slight edge to Classical, but I listen to everything)

    The second is for my father. Budget for this set is $1000 US and can be as 'large' as a 2.1 system, though the physical footprint still needs to be rather small as any sub would need to fit under his desk while being no wider than 12 inches. The monitors also need to be small, with a footprint of under 6-8 inches on width and depth preferable (Height is a little more flexible, but they do need to be placed on a desk). In terms of his listening profile; He also has a Oppo PM-3 set, though his main source is his computer and/or iPhone (though I think he just got a player as well, I will update with the model once I know more). He isn't as in love with the Oppo's or Hifiman's as I am, as they lack the thump in the bass that he is looking for. He mainly listens to his Titan earbuds, though mostly for the convenience rather than sound profile (with that said, he does rave about them). He mostly listens to Classical and 60s-early 70s Rock.

    Any suggestions you have are most welcome. If you need any more information please let me know, and I will do my best to supply the answers.
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  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor

    Check if this one fits
  3. peep
    Thanks for the recommendations. I ended up going with the Zeppeline and am very pleased with it (though it did take a while to break in). I am not sure what my father ended up going with.

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