Small, pretty good amp for less than £150
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Jun 19, 2010
Hi. I am upgrading my system and I need to get a new AMP. I currently own SR80i (though I will upgrade to HD650 as fast as I can:E) and I plan to use it with something of Audinst HUD-MX1 quality. I need as small AMP as I do not have much place for it. I would prefer something that I could easily get in Europe (to be more specific - UK), but I might have a look at those bargain AMPs from China as they seem to be very good quality units. My budget is less than 150GBP. I can not stretch beyond that so I have quite limited choice, however, I have found few units that seem to be partibularly interesting:
Pro-ject Head Box MK2 - £96
Creek OBH-11 - £106
Creek OBH-21 - £139.95
Which of these AMPs are the best value? I have heard that Creeks have more 'clinical' sound. This is something I would be looking, but what about the sound stage? Which of these units has best sound stage? Are there any other, better choices? I have read quite many opinions and it seems like many people say they are crap and other argue that they are not.. What do you think about them?

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