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Small Footprint Tube Amp (Tiny Powerhouse?)

  1. MorbidToaster
    So...as the title suggested, I'm looking for a tube amp with a small footprint that can power the HE-500.
    I'm considering Hifiman's own EF5, but I always like to look at my options first. It needs to have quite a kick considering the HE-500 needs a bit more power than the LCD-2.
    Silver aluminum is preffered, but obviously not too important in the grand scheme of things. Thanks!
    EDIT: Woo 6 on the list.
  2. Spareribs
    Whichever one you choose, it will be lot's of fun. Small tube amps can be a blast. 
  3. maverickronin
    So is the Lyr too big?
  4. MorbidToaster
    I'd say so...Plus I've owned the Lyr...Wasn't too wowed (although I DID enjoy it...)

  5. maverickronin

    You didn't have any power sucking monsters then either.
    My T50RPs have me maxing out the volume on my Maverick D1 (rated 1W@32 ohm) with movies/anime to deal with the extra dynamic range (compared to most music), subtractive EQ (because you can never have enough bass when crap goes boom), and the volume eating surround virtualization.  With the same settings my HD650s are just as loud at 12 o'clock as the T50RPs are at the maximum and they're still more efficient than your HE500s.
    Looking at the specs I don't think the WA6 is going to be strong enough to handle them.  The WA6SE has a hair under 4X the power but takes up twice as much space.
    Not much else I can think of off hand.  There are the Bravo/Indeed/Muse hybrids on eBay.  They aren't the highest of fi but they do have the same gain as the Lyr even if they can't actually deliver it all from a standard line level signal.  I'll have to see what mine clips at...
  6. MorbidToaster

    I need something that plays well with my D7000 too though...
    EDIT: In one of the HE 500 threads someone said they really enjoyed the HE 500 with the WA6. I've also heard the EF5 pairs well with them as well. I an somewhat skeptical about the WA6 being able to power them though.

  7. maverickronin

    I could see the WA6 working if you listened on the quiet side, never used EQ, and didn't listen to much classical but I could also see some headbanger immediately cranking it into clipping or it just not going loud enough at max.  If you know what you're buying for I think its always best to give yourself as much headroom as possible unless you've got some hard data to calibrate with.  
    An SPL meter to check you're usual listening level and the specs from that pdf would do the trick for the WA6.

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