Small and Forgiving Speakers (~$200)
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Apr 3, 2005
First of all, it has been awhile since I have been around Head-Fi and I am really happy that the site seems to be doing so well. Everyone here is so awesome and I would like to thank you all in advance for any recommendations or advice. Now onto my question.
I recently moved into a new apartment and I am looking for some speakers to allow me to listen to music, TV shows, and movies from my laptop as well as having the ability to fill the apartment (it's a open apartment so it has really big rooms i.e. 12' X 25' with a lofted bedroom) with sound while doing things around the house such as cooking and cleaning. Right now I think a smallish powered 2.0 system would be best (the max size I would like is a 6" x 8" footprint though smaller would definitely be better). Preferably I would like something that sounds good both nearfield and from afar, additionally I imagine it will be moved around the apartment frequently so I think I want to stay away from a bookshelf/T-amp combo for simplicity sake.
Now for my real issue, I am definitely someone who enjoys music a great deal but I would not consider myself and audiophile by no stretch of the imagination. I am the type of person who opted for HD595's instead of HD580's so that I could listen to them straight out of a computer and not have to worry about amplification all while having a more "upbeat" sound. Additionally, a good deal of my music is in the form of low quality MP3's (I am talking 128-192 kbs) which I play straight out of the headphone jack of my macbook pro, now I know any self respecting audiophile wouldn't dare listen to this stuff but it's what I have so I need a system that will work with that. Basically, I want a decent quality set up that will be enjoyable to listen to instead of showing my the inherent flaws in my music. I think $200 seems like a good budget given my requirements and so far I have been eyeing the Swan D1010's (The D1080's are a little too large) and the Audioengine A2's. I really like the size of the A2's but it seems many people prefer the sound of the Swan speakers. Also it seems like there have been some new options popping up lately that I am not entirely familiar with.
Okay, I know I am asking for a lot from my speakers but what do you guys think? Is it possible to get $200 speakers that will allow me to enjoy my music or should I restrict my budget to a lower amount given my system. And at the $200 price point what speakers are both small and forgiving to low quality sources.

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