Slowly dying on the inside. (DAP recommendations.)
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Jan 30, 2013
I am terribly sorry to see my Fiio X1 go.. I had it for a week and the simplest most short explanation is that I may got a lemon unit.. Since I hate listening to my smartphone when it comes to music I'm looking to buy a new DAP. My budget is 500$ and I hope to not get there but I want something reliable without much problems, well built and obviously and more importantly; good sound quality.
Right now I'm afraid to go with Fiio, they are an awesome company but my experience as the consumer hasn't been good, I've only bought two things from them and sadly both were broken within a week, I can just send them back but it's something I like to avoid at all cost. 
I'm torn between these daps:

Fiio x3ii (Give fiio another try, idk how i feel about that idea but i have to include all the available options)
Fiio x5ii(same as above)
Ibasso DX90
Sony zx1 (around 525 on amazon but I really can't go much deeper than that in terms of budget)
Pono but I have heard some really bad things
Astell & Kern AK JR.
Or just anything in that range known to be good and not troubles.
I'll pair them with:
Shure se215
ATH-Im70 (which I bought to use with the fiio and now I have them just sitting there.
Any recommendation will be appreciated. :)
I'll include a poll for viewers of the post can vote and help me,too.

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