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Slew of Source Components: Wavelength, Burson, & Stoner Acoustics

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  1. JoeDoe
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    Instead of a hundred different classifieds, I'm consolidating. Several high-quality DACs here. Prices all represent the net amount to me after fees/shipping.

    1. Wavelength Audio Cosecant v3: $OLD - Fantastic opportunity to own a killer USB DAC from the company who virtually ushered in USB as a legitimate audio option. Probably the closest to analog I've ever heard from a digital source. Will ship with power supply only.
    2. Wavelength Audio Brick v2: $OLD - This is a clean Brick v2 from Wavelength. Easily one of the best NOS DACs I've ever heard. Such a smooth and refined sound. Will ship with power supply and a selection of NOS tubes for tube-rolling.
    3. EAD DSP-7000 MkIII: $OLD - One of the most sought-after R2R DACs featuring the PCM63 chip. Will ship in original packaging PLUS original MkIII paperwork! Can include a nice iFi iPurifier 2 for an additional $50.
    4. MHDT Istanbul Eagle+ Version: $OLD - The newest offering from the crew at MHDT. Our very own @Luckbad upgraded several of the internal components to bring it up to better than the factory-available Eagle version. May as well be new.
    5. Burson Audio Play w/ V6 Classic Opamps: $450 - Excellent condition opamp-rollable combo unit. Gobs of power. Will ship with PSU, USB cable, RCA bracket and remote!
    6. Massdrop O2/ODAC: $OLD - This is the newest version of the legendary O2/ODAC combo. Still sounds great and features the 1/4" headphone out and RCA in/outs in back!
    7. Stoner Acoustics UD125: $65 - Brand new portable unit for very little cash. This guy will come with a black carry case and USB cable. Will bundle with a LNIB Fiio A3 for $100!
    8. Intona Industrial USB Isolator: $OLD - This is the one that convinced me that USB de-crapifiers were worth the investment. Will ship in original packaging. Can include a pair of Silver Dragon USB cables for an additional $100!

    Pics on request. Only trade I'd consider would have to include an Auralic Vega, Taurus MkII, or black 1st gen Woo WA6.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2018
  2. JoeDoe
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  5. JoeDoe
    Price drop!
  6. JoeDoe
  7. JoeDoe
    Bump for some most excellent gear!
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  13. Sunrivers
    Free bump
  14. yacobx
    hey man have you sold the UD125?
  15. JoeDoe
    Still available. Shoot me a PM
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