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Sleek Audio SA7

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  1. wilzc
    Whatever happened to the SA7?
    These were going to compete head to head with Phonak's PFE232!!!
    And then..  Sleek disappeared off the face of the earth!!!
    Anyone could provide some insights to what went wrong or whats going on??
    Last news was that they were moving back to USA from China.
  2. blazer78
    I don't think they got enough interest/hype?
    All I know (and unfortunately in my own experiences) the SA6 original was plagued by quality issues.
  3. cirdec
    Anyone bought anything from Sleek Audio recently? apparently that have a promotion at the moment.
    "Happy Labor Day!!!

    This week only Sleek Audio is having a sale on its line of custom fit earphones!

    CT6 Custom Earphone - Enter discount code - 2012CT6 and receive:

    · $100.00 off the $399.99 price of our ultra-wide balanced single armature driver custom fit earphone.
    · Free Shipping
    · Customized Carrying Case with your custom graphic and a personalized name plate.
    · Free 1 color custom graphic of your own design

    CT7 Custom Earphone - Enter discount code - 2012CT7 and receive:

    · $200.00 off the $699.99 retail price of dual driver custom fit earphone which was designed to offer striking vocal and instrumental clarity, breathtaking sound staging and bass that is both impactful and accurate.
    · Free Shipping
    · Customized Carrying Case with your custom graphic and a personalized name plate.
    · Free 1 color custom graphic of your own design."
    I wonder what happened to the much awaiting SA7 and all its wireless stuff. Most of the things on site have been out of stocks for more than a year.
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  4. Gorkem
    I recently sent them a message through their website asking about the same question and received no response. It was probably 2-3 weeks ago.
  5. ClieOS Contributor
    I would think at this point we have to assume SA7 is as dead as a project can be.
  6. Swimsonny
    Are they dead as a company now then?
  7. ClieOS Contributor

    Well, they still makes custom, ain't they? They did however take some big blow early this years when the 50 cents deal fell apart and now the company is being sued by 50 cents over some unfinished business (see this). I guess the company really isn't doing well.
  8. jasonb
    I liked my SA6's.... to bad the company isn't doing well..
  9. Swimsonny
    Yeh i thought so. Thats a real shame to see although the SA6 did really seem to have it build problems. It is a very busy market with so many new manufactures coming in to try and compete with the originals. Some of the new ones are really impressive (cough Heir cough).
  10. jasonb
    I never had any build problems with my SA6. I had them for probably about a year, but was pretty careful with them. I am careful with all my IEM's though.
  11. Swimsonny
    Yeh i keep good care of all my IEMs, never had a problem with any but they have to be built well to cater for everyone and no offense to anyone but some people are a bit more rough.
  12. planx
    I like the concept of the Sleek SA-6, but I found the quality to be quite bad. The treble tips and bass ports will eventually break, like it happened with me. Great sounding IEM, but too many movable/removable pieces for my liking... Lost a bass (+) port and haven't used them ever since... The Treble Tips just get thrashed around with "normal" changes between the (+)(=)(-) tips
  13. zzffnn
    I sent an email to Sleek a few weeks back asking when I can buy their new/improved cable for SA6s that they promised last year , and whether the currently available cable is same as the old fragile one. I am also interested in buying another set of their wireless receiver/transmitter, probably for DIY purpose / retermination to use with other IEMs. I have not heard back from Sleek.
  14. Pjames6
    Hi all, brand new here but I do have a bit of news about sleek. I just got fitted for a pair of CT6's and since I'm local I got a chance to actually go down to where they're located here in Florida and meet the owners and the guy who was going to make my headphones (they're amazingly nice and knowledgeable!). But to the point I got to ask a bit about the company and where everything was going, especially after to 50 cent trouble and it seems that currently their big thing is their customs. It seems that they have been working with local, and a few not local, sports teams and pro athletes setting them up with customs. I don't believe they have ditched their universal earphones completely as they had piles of parts for them, just that with the way things were going it was far more lucrative to deal in bulk and work mostly in customs.
  15. shigzeo Contributor
    Bugger, the SA7 was damn nice when I tried it at CES2011, but I've not seen any out in the open, which is a shame. The CT7, because of its lightweight body and sound and customisation, is still one of my favourite custom earphones. Its cable is the only bugger part of it. The SA7, though, was something I really really looked forward to. Again, my thoughts on the CT7 are here.
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