Sleek Audio SA6 vs Atrio M5/M8
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Jan 30, 2008
Hey all,

I'm looking for some good IEMs to use with my current iAudio U3, and for future use with my (possible) iAudio D2. I've ruled out open headphones because I listen to my music a lot outside, and it rains a lot where I live. Ruled out closed headphones simply because I don't like them. All that are left are IEMs.

I've been doing a bit of research, and for my tastes, I think that the Atrio M5/M8 just about hits the spot. The thing is, I've had bad experiences with headphones. The cables always get ruined within several months of use. Granted, they are cheap $10 from Target, but I can see it happening with quality ones as well. I ran upon the Sleek Audio SA6 while browsing through Amazon. I really like that you can replace the cable on these things. I'm wondering if anybody has ever bought these, or at least used them, and how they would compare with other IEMs in the price range of 125-200 USD? Or would you even consider buying IEMs with replaceable cables?

Music I listen to: metal, orchestra, trance. A lot of acoustic, a lot of music requiring tight bass, and the occasional light classical. As always, any other recommendations are appreciated.
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Sep 13, 2008
You should try the same Q. in the dedicated forum in stead of here Fullsize, you will get more answers there.

I haven't tried the Atrios myself, but I got and like very much the SA6. To my ear they are one of the best offers in their price category. I like a clear open transparent sound, with no artificial emphasis on either hi's or lo's. I see the replaceable cord and the tuneability as extra bonuses in these IEM's.

By the way they perform pretty well un-amped.
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Jul 31, 2002
If you are after bass the Sleek is a good option, also others you cna consider are the Images from Klipsch, specially the X10 is a bass monster tiny object, the X5 is similar to the Sleek but IMO a little more sparkle in the highs...

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