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Skulllcandy Headphones Discontinued at HeadRoom

Discussion in 'HeadRoom Premier Sponsor Forum' started by jorgec, May 18, 2012.
  1. JorgeC Contributor
    Hello Head-Fiers,
    Well, it was a valuable experiment while it lasted but Skullcandy headphones are no longer sold at HeadRoom ~ Headphone.com.
    Frankly, we tried lots (all?) of their models over the past 3 years and could only find two or three we could truly stand behind (Aviator, MMM, Titan). And, for all the curious youngsters and neos that called our expert team for advice & suggestions, we usually wound up gently steering them into something else at similar pricepoints. So really in the end, it was just not worth it for either SKDY or HeadRoom to continue the relationship. Sorry kids! [​IMG]
    You guys may have noted HeadRoom has bumped off most prosaic and "fashion" type headphone brands in our quest to return to our primo roots -- after some straying the past couple of years! [​IMG]   Many thanks to Head-Fiers for all your support as we dealt with our growing pains; we could not be where we are today celebrating our grand 20th Anniversary in the headphone business without you.
    Please continue to check the www.headphone.com website for many new 'best of the best' headphone brands joining our line this summer and stay tuned for some truly PHENOMENAL 20th Anniversary special sales coming very soon at HeadRoom, the likes of which we've never had in our history (hint, hint!).
    HeadRoom VP
  2. stevenswall
    While I can admit that it may be wise as a business decision to discontinue a brand that does not move in large quantities, I would really appreciate, and I'm sure the headfi community would appreciate as well, your leaving up of the measurements on the build a headphone graph tool. This is one of the most referenced resources the headfi community uses and its ease of use is incredible, especially with the technical nature of the information it makes available.

    Please do not remove measurements and specifications from this tool for products that may be discontinued!

    Thanks for your consideration,
  3. RPGWiZaRD
    A shame for Skullcandy's part as they're really changing strategy these days in order to stop shipping cheap chinese OEM stuff and start selling more proprietary stuff. It was said pretty much the whole product line would face a renew. Hesh 2 for example is one of the first attempts that costs roughly same as original hesh but should sound much much better (at least based on Tyll's test it can be safely said) which he thought was a better budget basshead alternative than the very popular Sony XB500 for example. Then Aviators and Mixe Master Mike already belongs to the more focused sound quality and isn't bad at all and more new products is on the way.
    It's just I feel sorry for the company that is really doing big efforts right now to try break free from its image "cheap fashion style heaphones without any sound quality or durability whatsoever"-stamp.
  4. lubczyk
    If Skullcandy really cares, they can start by not charging egregious prices for their products. $300 for the Mix Master Mike? $150 for the flimsy plastic Skullcandy Aviator?
    Skullcandy is on the same level as Monster and Beats. Churn out plastic with a celebrity's name and sell it like it's made out of metal and goat leather.. The only good celebrity headphone that I've seen is the Tony Bennet DJ100 and it comes made out of machines aluminum and a replaceable cable and sells for a third of the price of the Skullcandy Aviators.
    Beats and Skullcandy also try to upsell by making their lowest offerings terrible sounding junk.
  5. JorgeC Contributor
    Hi Stevenswall,
    Many thanks for your comments.
    As it stands now due to our HeadRoom server space constraints and limitations, HeadRoom can only display graph plots for active headphones currently for sale on our website. However, we are working on getting new dedicated servers specially formatted for our HeadRoom lab graphs/spec displays (expensive! [​IMG]) which will allow us much more room for old and discontinued headphones.
    Meanwhile, all Head-Fiers can feel free to email me for any headphone graphs we don't currently have up. Our team can email the charts for discontinued headphone(s) upon Head-Fier request!
    HeadRoom VP
    stevenswall likes this.
  6. whatcar1990
    Have heard both titan and inkd, titan bit better in sq. My friend bought it almost 2 years ago for $45:). At start of this year, they still.worked, hasnt asked now. Anyway $5 xkdun is more comfortable and much better sounding.
    Right move headroom.

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