Skullcandy Smokin Buds2 awesome for the price......
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May 7, 2010
I use my Jaybird bluetooth IEMs most of the time, but I needed a cheap set of IEMs for plugging into my work laptop.  I picked these Smoking Bud2's on sale for $15.  Best damn money I have spent in forever!!!!  These sound like they cost much, much more.  The sound signature is dynamic, good for Top 40, House, Hip-Hop etc.  The highs are excellent, the mids are decent, and the bass if amazing.  The bass isnt boomy at all, but just drops super low with deep impact.  You can actually feel the buds vibrating in your ears.  The bass doesnt over power the highend either.  Its very balanced sounding.  These IEMs are not neutral sounding, so acoustic and classical fans probably will not like them. All in all, I'm impresses with the fit, finish and sound of these cans.  Im ecstatic that they only cost $15.  Great buy!!!! and highly recommended even at the normal price of $30.  Give'em a listen.

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