Skullcandy Crusher - Factory glued cable
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May 14, 2015
I bought a used pair of Skullcandy Crusher on ebay for $40, before buying them I contacted the seller and he replied that they were working perfectly. Indeed, they are in very good condition and they are like new. The problem is that the audio cord should be detachable, but it isn't. Once again, I emailed the seller and his answer was that "he was sorry" and refunded half of the price I paid and I could keep them. Now, 2 months later, I want to remove the cable because the microphone isn't working anymore and can't play/pause songs with the button on it. After a long research I discovered that the cable is factory glued because the headphones I bought were used as a demo in a retail store.
In summary, does anyone know any technique to remove the cable? I don't want to pull it strong because I'm afraid to damage the jack.

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