Skullcandy Aviators vs. ATH M50
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If I remember the sound signature from both headphones correctly, I believe the Aviator had a wider soundstage than the M50... making it better for acoustic and rock genres. Your best bet is to demo them and see which you like from your ears. First hand experience beats second hand every time. 
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Save yourself some money and get one of these instead. It is just my opinion but these blow the doors off the M50s in every way. The Aviators I haven't tried but I can safely say these are crazy for the price. There was a headfier that had the Beats Pro that ended up getting one of these and is happy that these sound better in every way.. $400 vs $30 headphone.  Throw on some $20 velour pads and you got a serious contender.. Before you say you have no idea what you are talking about.. Read what Malveaux wrote on his take about how he prefers these over his HD650.. Try them out. The M50 is so over rated. They aren't worth the asking price if you ask me and yes I do own the M50..  read the beginning and the last few pages of Malveaux comparison. These will blow your mind.. Save the money for a good amp so you can have proper bass on these. A little E11 and your Mp3 with the Panasonics and you will thank me later.

I second this.  I bought and love these.
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Hmm, I see. Posts like these conflict me ^. Which is better for acoustic music. 

Definetly the Skullcandy Aviators

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Because I'm ignorant and these are the only close eared headphones I am aware of and have heard good things about in this price range. 

Well for starters, we have the Fostex T50RP (semi open, highly moddable) for $80 They lack bass in stock configuration though.
There's also the Superlux HD681/668B which have been compared to the M50.
And the FA-011 which have also been compared to the M50 by some.
Unfortunately these are open headphones. However they don't really don't leak that much. Personally, if you're looking for bass and you're fine with spending very little on headphones, look into the Panasonic RP HTF-600. They have great reviews, especially regarding the bass. For acoustic songs, I use my SR60. Unfortunately they are open air headphones that seriously leak. 
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Ultrasone + female vocals = Wat..

The OP said he "mostly care about soundstage and a base presence"  I don't really have anything with female vocals that isn't autotuned so I'm not sure what you are talking about. Perhaps you can tell me more about why they are not good ?

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I mostly care about soundstage and a base presence. I listen to rock, hiphop, electronic music, female vocals, and acoustic. I appreciate your help!

I wouldn't really play rock on Ultrasones, granted I've only heard the HFI-580.
I've also never played any female vocals through them but I doubt they'd sound good on Ultrasones.

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