SkullCandy 50/50 Ballistic BASS
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Feb 12, 2006
So after trying so many headphones trying to crave my bass fix since my hd212 pros died on me and the dt770s disappointed me, I decided to pick up a pair of mainstream (i know...) skull candy 50/50. Though having listened to previous skull candies, I wanted to stay away from the brand since they didnt seem all that impressive to me. But I saw this pair in the store and the design enclosure of the headphone drivers attracted me instantly. Just looking at it from outside the box, the driver enclosure seemed big, roomy and boomy. plus it came with a mic, which isnt a big deal but its nice having a volume control built in. So I gave them a shot because the design looked promising as well as a 11mm driver for an in ear... :O I must say, my intuition about it was spot on. Just as advertised, ballistic bass. Theyre fairly clear and not muddied by the bass until the lows hit, then the vibration of the sound working its way from the inside of the ear to the outside gave me such a gratifying smile ( which could be it tickling me silly til I got used to it but regardless you get the image) You have to max out the volume to get the full sub bass feel and effect which can be overly loud with the mids and highs so you have to play with your eq, but if you bass boost it and crank the volume, oh my god... This is exactly what I have been looking for and I think I would be hard pressed to find better bass iems at any price. And at such an attractive price, im hoping those who are craving a decent set of bass headphones will take my word for it and check these out before they go dropping big dough on a "nice pair" 


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