Size difference - Shure SE425 vs 535
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Jul 28, 2015
Hi all, 
I'm new to the group - nice to meet you! :)
I have a question, hoping someone can help - can anyone tell me if the plastic casings for the shure 425 and 535 are the same size/shape? 
I had tried out some 535's prior to buying my own 215LTDs, but found out the hard way that the 215's casing is a bit bigger than the 535. Which is a problem for me, as they do not fit comfortably in my outer ear (canal fit is fine). Fit/comfort is a huge thing for me, as my earphones are my security blanket. 
I bought the 215's to replace my Sennheiser CX980i which unfortunately are now discontinued. 
I am eyeing up the 535's, as I am confident that they will fit, but just wondering if there are massive (physical fit) differences to the 425s, as I could do with the $$ saving! 
Thanks in advance! 
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Hi everyone, 
Just to update, I decided to go with the SE 535's.
I was in store and I was able to compare the 425 with the 535, but it was pretty difficult doing so through the box and plastic. 
The sizes are really very similar, and if there are any differences, it would be in millimetres (although millimetres when it comes to ears can make a huge difference!). All in all, it appears that the 5's and 4's have a very similar mould/casing, whereas the 2's and 3's have completely different shapes of their own. 
I have images (but can't upload them right now). 

Hope this will be of some help at some point! :p

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