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Site slow to load, unbearable on ipod touch.

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by keithpgdrb, Sep 9, 2010.
  1. Keithpgdrb
    The site is taking a really long time just to load the title page.  there is just too much information in changing windows on the site under normal browsing.    browsing on my ipod touch is unbearable.  I try for a couple minutes, and almost always just give up and go somewhere else.  The site is pretty, but performance has been too compromised.  Sure, the old site was kind of ugly, but it loaded much quicker.  Audiokarma still uses that format, and its great. 
  2. Maxvla Contributor
    Browsing on my 4G touch right now. Most pages take about 5-10 seconds to load and my connection is rather poor with all the metal in the building at my job.

    Besides the obviously smaller screen, it doesn't feel all that different than browsing on a normal pc on a wireless connection.
  3. hahahigh
    You need to disable Javascript on your Touch. It takes away your abiity to post but also takes away the ads - if you just want to browse, this is by far the best option.
    I agree that the old platform was vastly preferable on mobile devices. [​IMG]
  4. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Have you upgraded to iOS 4.1 yet? I did today and Head-Fi is behaving much better on my iPhone 4.
  5. Keithpgdrb


    while that is a band aid, its not really a fix that should be acceptable to the site managers.  I almost always post something, no matter how insignificant. 
  6. Keithpgdrb


    I have not.  but I'm also running a 2nd gen ipod touch.  considered "old" by todays standards.
  7. midoo1990
    Jude said many times that this will get fixed but bothing has changed.headfi is crippling on my ipod touch 2g.i primarly use my touch for browsing and posting here and this slowness is driving me nuts.so far the only 2 devices that are very fast are my blackberry curve 8900 and htc hd2.browsing is amazing on  htc hd2,but then it has 1GHz chip..
    the only possible solution since Huddler engineers are unable to solve the problem for 4 months now is to buy the new touch or iphone4 as they have faster processor than touch 2g....
    EDIT:i just read in another thread that they are working on fixing mobile browsing...fingers crossed that it wont take much time....

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