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Singxer SU-6

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by whodiini, Mar 14, 2019.
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  1. ProLoL
    I got my eye on the SU-6, is it laid back and relaxed as the U16?
    The U16 sounds great but sometimes so slow and I can't control it's PRAT.
    The topping D10 to the R2R11 via coax is super fast and energetic though does not offer the same sound stage or refinement of the U16.
  2. Baten
    Imo the SU-6 should best the U16.

    A used SU-1 can go a long way though!
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  3. Roasty
    The SU-6 is a very very nice addition to my chain. After some breaking in, the highs have become less harsh and the mids and mid bass region have filled in. Also has a very clean background.
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  4. thuanb
    Glad you like it, so do I. By the way, what connection being used between SU-6 and the DAC?
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  5. Roasty
    I'm using the iis connection. Have not tried the other connections yet, but I have an aes cable coming in the mail.

    Just received my holo spring 2 wildism edition. Looking forward to the pairing but am leaving country for a few days.. Can't wait to get back to try it out!
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  6. thuanb
    IIS connection is hard to beat. Can’t wait to hear your impressions on AES/EBU vs IIS comparison as well as the new Holo Spring.
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  7. ProLoL
    the I2s should beat it as it bypasses the receiver chip of the dac.
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