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Singxer SU-1

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by lazz, Sep 21, 2016.
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  1. lazz
    I have purchased the su-1 and was wondering who else here is using one. What connections are you using. I have a NAD M51 dac and was wondering if i can use the bnc wclck out from the su-1 and connect it to the NAD. Which input on the NAD would be the one to connect to. Would a male bnc to male xlr cable work. Thx
  2. BarDash

    I just purchased one and it doesn't arrive till Wednesday. Do you notice any difference in sound? Worth the price? They were back ordered so I'm thinking they're getting to be pretty popular. 
  3. Limniscate
    Mine comes in on Thursday. I'll be connecting it to a Sonore microrendu and then using AES to my Yggdrasil.
  4. BarDash

    Asus vivo mini fan-less win10 pc --> SU-1 (when it gets here) --> AES to Yggy -->XLR to iFi iCan Pro.
    I'm a little curious to which USB driver I'll be using with JRiver.
  5. Limniscate
    Cool, I'll be going to an Audio Research Ref5SE to Sanders Magtech to Magnepan 3.7i speakers.
  6. BarDash

    Nice setup!
  7. BarDash
    Do you have the manual? Can you send me the link or the file? Thanks
  8. lazz
    The sound is a nice improvement. It needs breaking in and I notice the more break in each listening session sounds better and more relaxed. I am using the audiocadabra split usb cable to the singxer and then the xlr outs to the nad m51. If you go to the Shenzen site they should have the manual. Cheers
  9. BarDash
    Just got an update that it ships tomorrow, I can wait :laughing: for the manual. Do you leave yours on all the time? I never shut my Yggy off but my amp gets shut off on occasion.
  10. lazz
    I leave it in standby.
  11. BarDash
    OK, thanks...
  12. BarDash
    Got mine a day early and Installed the USB Audio Class2 Driver v3.34.0. On JRiver 22 I'm using the XMOS USB Audio 2.0 ST 3086 (Asio) Anyone using this? Interested to know if I have this set up right. TIA
  13. roger7
    You can't use mck/wck because NAD M51 has no input for it.
    I'm using Squeezebox Touch -> USB -> Singxer SU-1 -> digital XLR -> NAD M51 -> XLR -> Plinius SA 103 (power amp)
  14. phile1
    did someone compared this SU-1 with the F-1 when the F-1 is externally powered (not thru USB cable) ?
    if yes, is the difference huge or very light ?
  15. T Bone
    I have been told that Singxer does not recommend I2S / HDMI cables longer that .5 meters. I find this limitation comical. Has anyone actually run into a problem using 1 or 2 meter cables from their SU-1?
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