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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. BlueDL
    Me too, I went to some trouble to mod my SU-1 (DC input and also added a very low noise voltage regulator), so I’m reluctant to replace it just yet. By the way, apologies for the ‘AD-DC’ typo, above! Doh.
  2. rafabro
    Can you show me this post, please?
  3. Thenewguy007
    I think it was motberg & batfier who were saying that.
  4. rafabro
    I think people were talking about it when device is fresh, not settled yet :wink:
  5. motberg
    accurate observation... in my case anyways..

    I just ordered a U16 to replace the SU-1/LPS-1 in my other path that uses an Audio GD R1 DAC.. being able to free up the LPS-1 and iFi DC iPurifier helped with this decision (also I am in China so freight is cheaper...).

    BTW - China New Year Holiday is approaching... so take this into consideration when ordering stuff from China. The impact will vary with supplier, so check with your supplier first if you are expecting immediate shipment..
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  6. batfier
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  7. bedlam inside
    Thanks for the info. Valuable stuff.
  8. bedlam inside
    Usually a good two week shut down so I'm told...
  9. Baten
    Discussion on Singxer SU-1 sure died out a little on head-fi. This device used to be all the hype.

    Now Singxer SU-6 is out, barely a whisper about it? Gustard U16 hyped to hell and back.

    I just snagged a used SU-1 with Sparkos voltage regulator. I see the SU-6 xmos driver is reverse compatible with the SU-1 so that's what I'll be running it with.
    Hope it'll bring some improvement to my spring 2 if that's even possible :) :)
  10. Tboooe
    I still have my modded SU-1 and have no intention of replacing it anytime soon! I do wonder if the SU-6 is any better than my modded SU-1 though but looking at the updates, I suspect mine must be at least very close in sound quality. Anyway, thats what I keep telling myself!!!
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  11. Baten
    I think besides better clock, the voltage regulator mod and maybe some capacitor upgrade gets you 99% there already.
    I don't think you will hear the more stable jitter from SU-6, but it's a good option for those that don't want to mod an SU-1. Especially buying pre-modded ones from kitsune or magna hifi, no point now that SU-6 is out.
  12. batfier
    having both, u16 and su-1 as magna edition, it's hard for me to really hear a meaningful difference.

    u16 cost less, as a display, can output up to 384khz rate via coax and BNC, but it's unreliable at the moment. all firmware versions have bugs, with some sample rates with distorted sounds.

    the su-1 works like a swiss clockwork, never had any issue so far.

    so with a modded su-1 there is no urgent need for an upgrade, in my opinion.
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  13. T Bone
    Until I read your post, I was blissfully unaware about the SU-6. The specs look interesting. For the price, I'd throw one in my system to see how it sounds.

    I've got a message into Tim @ Kitsune to see when/if he's going to start carrying the SU-6.
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  14. rafabro
    It's exactly same XMOS XU208 in both so why the driver would be any different?
  15. Baten
    Uh well, you need to use the driver signed for that specific brand/manufacturer. So for the Singxer that will work.
    Other brands use different vendor codes with the exactly same XMOS XU208. Some brands' drivers haven't been updated in years..

    That's how I understand it at least. You can also use the Windows 10 UAC driver
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