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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. Sage Encore
    Thank you very much, Will do so buddy, really appreciate it.
  2. bruiselee
    Will using this singxer allow me to control my volume via Windows sound digital controls?
  3. bruiselee
    if i have the chance to get the singxer su-1 at US$250, should i get it?
    or the competitors like matrix x-spdif 2/singxer su-6 are much much much much better thats worth the price?
  4. BlueDL
    The smart money seems to be going on the Gustard U16 DDC (about $300). ESS are being coy about the chip used in it - claiming it’s really meant for a home cinema sound-bar application, but early adopters seem to think it blows even a heavily modified SU-1 out of the water. I’m going by what I’d read by the way and have no experience of Gustard products (although the U12 was very popular a couple of years ago).
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  5. rafabro
    Not when U16 is on the market.
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  6. BlueDL
  7. Franatic
  8. BlueDL
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  9. bedlam inside
    Can anyone please explain to me what's so special about SU-1? I've seen that many people use it but is there a particular reason for that, price aside? Thanks!
  10. bflat
    Depends on your DAC. If your DAC has a great USB implementation like Chord or Schiit, then it has no real value. If your DAC's best interface is AES, i2S, or coax, then you need an something like an SU-1 to convert USB. After that, the rest is pretty subjective on the value of noise reduction and clock jitter.

    In my case, the i2S input on my Holo Spring DAC is the cleanest option so I have an SU-1 so I can use it. Another cool benefit is that every digital output on the SU-1 works simultaneously so you can hook up multiple DACs to a single USB source if you want.
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  11. Thenewguy007
    They are all saying the U16 is smoother than the SU-1.

    One owner who has a modded SU-1 with a LPS said his was still wider, more airy & detailed than the stock U16, so the opinion on it being better is definitely not unanimous.
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  12. motberg
  13. LoryWiv
    Is this because U16 internal power supply is as good as LPS such that adding latter produces no benefit?
  14. BlueDL
    It’s because the U16, unmodded, receives AC power only (in has AD-DC power conversion on board).
    Maybe there will be modified versions soon which allow use of an external LPS, but I read that it already uses a good voltage regulator in its onboard power supply.
  15. LoryWiv
    Thanks for clarifying. I will stay tuned for U16 reviews but staying with my SU-1 for now. It's always tempting to jump at a potential upgrade but I'm trying to remain in an "enjoy the music" phase for now. :smile_phones:
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