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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. bflat
    Cool! Thanks for the info, I won't be making those mods myself, but will check with Kitsune to see if they will offer some or all of these.
  2. elan120
    Correct, the remaining 4 VRs are all surface mount regulators. They can be done without taking the board out but will be less challenging if done with board removed.
  3. elan120
    That sounds good. They are not difficult mods to make IF you want to do it yourself, but certainly will need to consider warranty side of things. In case you do want to take it on yourself, I can assist in connection questions if you need them.
    bflat likes this.
  4. rafabro
    It is waste of time to replace them without changing both clocks. I've been there...

    The biggest improvement is to cut the power from USB and put new 5V regulator.
  5. BlueDL
    I was wondering if you have a picture showing the VRs marked for voltage rating. I guess I could poke about with a DVM as a last resort!
  6. elan120
    Yes, I do, but since I don't have them at work, if you don't mind waiting a bit, I will send them to you when I get home.
  7. BlueDL
    Don’t mind? Of course not, you’re going above and beyond as it is. No rush, but I think I will be trying the mod when I next get a chance.

    As the SU-1 caters for DSD512, I see it is worthwhile optimising it because it’s (relatively) future proof - and way better than most USB stages built into DACs. Cheers.
  8. elan120
    BlueDL, I just sent you a PM with pictures.
  9. rocky500
    Could you possibly send them to me too?
    Thank you.
  10. elan120
    rocky500, Certainly. I just sent you a PM with pictures also.
    rocky500 likes this.
  11. captblaze
    could I get a copy also? I have been looking for an excuse to cut the warranty tag on mine
  12. elan120
    captblaze, Absolutely. I just sent you a PM with pictures as well.
    captblaze likes this.
  13. Maquis22
    I have a question. My computer suddenly stopped recognising my SU-1. Does that mean there is a problem with the SU-1 itself or could it be the DAC?
  14. taxman2
    Check your driver and if necessary reinstall it.
  15. Excellence 5
    Hello! I, too, asked for the same issue a few page ago, and I was just about to write again for the same reason.

    The trouble doesn’t regard the type of driver installed or its version. I think I noticed that, if I don’t turn on the SU-1 at least once a day, the system or the machines lose the memory and the SU-1 is no more recognized although the correct driver is installed. I don’t know what is going on…
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