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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. Thenewguy007
    I'm gtting this when I play music with it set to 24-bits

    "Unrecoverable playback error: Unknown error code (0x88880001)"

    Does setting it to 24-bit mainly affect the DAC or the Singxer?
  2. gvl2016
    Neither, It affects the driver, or rather how the Sinxer is seen by Windows apps. Are you actually playing 24 bit content? If not just leave it at 16.
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  3. NinjaMilez
    I'm interested in an SU-1 for my X20Pro. What kind of difference can I generally expect to hear with one and is the upgrade worth it? Obviously one setup vs. another gives different results but I'd just like to know what kind of thing people are hearing when they're using the interface.
  4. rafabro
    X20/Pro with SU-1 sounds more 3D, with wider and deeper soundstage. Also, a number of details you can hear in same recordings is quite impressive. Modded SU may improve even more...
    For me is no doubt that SU-1 is worth extra money for Gustard DAC.
  5. BlueDL
    I second the above (although my experience is using a modded SU-1 with a Holo Audio Spring DAC). You can get a ready-modded SU-1 from Kitsune in the USA or Magni Hifi in Europe - there’s also a supplier in Hong Kong (Wildism Audio).

    Alternatively, there’s the Matrix SPDIF 2 which is ready to receive DC power out of the box.

    Also, I have found that USB cleaning devices are not needed if you use an SU-1 in the signal chain. I guess it ultimately depends how clean the source signal is and how revealing your system is downstream.
  6. bflat
    Something is not right. Even if you play 16 bit tracks at 24 bit resolution, it should work fine. How is your system configured:
    • Windows version
    • Music player application and version
    • SU-1 driver version
      • ASIO or WASAPI driver?
  7. Thenewguy007
    I'm on Windows 10 & foobar. I think I have it set to WASAPI.
  8. bflat
    ASIO is a better driver as that is specifically designed for audio. However, my personal experience with Foobar is that it's highly capable, but takes a lot of knowledge to configure correctly. I'm sure you can get 24 bit to work but need someone with prior experience with SU-1 and Foobar to show the right settings.

    I am on Windows 10 but use JRiver and have no issues at all at 24 bit and up to DSD512 using ASIO driver.
  9. TuneInSoul
    I have a similar problem under linux(daphile),I adjusted some parameters (i.e. kernel buffer time,kernel periods count)and it works fine now.

    I think the problem lies in the improper parameters of singxer su1 in foobar.
    Try to increase or decrease the buffer time and set other relevant parameters like adjust the cpu priority of process of foobar to realtime and that may solve your problem.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
  10. phile1
    Hi bflat,
    I look at your signature, I see "iGalvanic" upstream your SU-1.
    Is it this product : https://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/nano-igalvanic3-0/
    The SU-1 seems to have a good USB isolation.
    What's your feedback about the iGalvanic upstream the SU-1 ? worth it to pay this ifi product ?
  11. bflat
    In my case I think it helps. The AC lines of my house are extremely bad. Lots of RFI noise. On top of that I'm using a home built PC with a 1200 Watt switching power supply as my USB source so also very noisy. I had my SU-1 upgraded to dual voltage regulators at the same time I added the iGalvanic to the chain so not entirely how much of the lower noise floor I can attribute to iGalvanic. If you have relatively tame AC lines and using a good USB source, I don't think iGalvanic will do much.
  12. LoryWiv
    I have an iGalvanic upstream of my SU-1 and do feel it has lowered the noise floor considerably and overall improved musicality in my setup. YMMV.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
  13. Thenewguy007
    Aren't the usb ports on the newer 2018 SU-1 units galvanically isolated?
  14. oneguy
    Never heard that anything was changed between the older version and the minor refresh with respect to galvanic isolation. I could be wrong though but i am reasonably certain.
  15. Excellence 5
    Please, help!

    I’m having the following issue from a mounth or so: at every start up the Singxer SU-1 is not recognized by Windows 10 althgouh the driver (by Holo v3.40) is installed. Once unistalled and re-installed the same driver everything back to work. Very annoying!

    How can I solve?

    Thanks in advance
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