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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. kingkikapu
    I can tell you're not good for my wallet haha. It's been so long since I've soldered caps that knowing my luck I'd put them in backwards and blow the lid. :p
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  2. T Bone
    ...and an immense waste of $$$. The "KTE" edition gives you an upgraded power supply. Using an LPS-1 requires that you completely BYPASS the Singxer's internal power supply.
    Why upgrade to something you are going to remove/bypass?
  3. kingkikapu
    i was trying to determine what upgrades were done to the psu to determine how overkill is overkill.

    probably a boatload of overkill.
  4. Robert Joe
    Is anyone using a SOtm sMS-200 going into a Singxer SU-1?
    Are these USB re-generator devices transparent to the source device i.e. does the source device only see the DAC?
  5. jcn3
    The source device sees the su-1, not the dac. The su-1 is not s USB regenerator, it is a ddc. Something like the isoregen is a regenerator and is not seen by the source.
  6. winders
    I don't have mine available right now, but doesn't the ISO Regen show up as a hub? It is transparent to applications but the system should know about it.
  7. jcn3
    That's what I meant. Haven't checked device manager to see how it appears. Definitely not showing as an audio device . . .
  8. ZGojira
  9. Tonbas
    i received my singxer SU-1 about two weeks ago.and i did te firmware upgrade.
    I connect it tot my Gustard X20 with I2S.
    I like to play native dsd en installed te Holo drive , its support native dsd.
    My software is JRiver MC22 and this is able tot play 8X dsd native (512)
    native dsd 256 plays fine but 512 does not. The sound is with distortion and strange noise.
    Can anybody help me with this of is it not possible to play 512?

    Greetings, Ton (Netherlands)
  10. captblaze
    Which version did you install? v2.20 or v 2.22? v2.22 is listed to work with gustard and v 2.20 with holo
  11. Tonbas
    Thnx for reply
    I installed V2.22 for gustard because i own the gustard dac.
    The singxer driver does not play native only dop, for that reason i use the holo driver instead.
    When i install V2.20 my gustard play 512? There is no problem with changing of the right and left channel?
  12. captblaze
    the 2.20 is for holo dac. I don't know about the driver only. if gustard hasn't updated their driver then perhaps it wont play 512 dsd
  13. Sheetmetalworker
    hello and happy friday. my question is how do i update my firmware on my su-1. tim sent me a rar file with the needed firmware. but im almost computer iliterate. please any help and be patient with me also. thank you in advance. my set up is sonictransport>mrendu>su-1>holo audio spring dac. im running roon with tidal.
  14. rocky500
    There might be a PDF of the instructions to update the firmware with the files you received.
    I have attached a PDF to this post.

    ADDED: Though I can not see it myself for some reason in this post.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2017
  15. BlueDL
    I can't see it either, so if you get a chance to retry, it'd be much appreciated! (Cheers......from another computer dummy).
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