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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. Thenewguy007
  2. T Bone
    from personal experience, I can strongly recommend the Uptone LPS-1. It made a significant audible improvement in the performance of my SU-1. I think it was $400 well spent.
  3. T Bone
    Don't forget that Uptone offers a 30-day eval period - try it and if you don't think it's worth the $$$; send it back.

    You can't get a much better offer than that.
  4. elan120
    I also recommend using Uptone LPS-1.

    LPS-1 has different design compare to other linear power supplies on your list, and it does have transformer, but it's in the "energizing supply" that sends 7.5VDC into the main unit to charge the ultracaps your linked picture show. The ultracaps is what makes LPS-1 galvanic isolation from the AC mains, which completely blocks the path of AC leakage currents. As others have mentioned, this likely be the most suited power supply for this mod.
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  5. Tonbas
    I ordered the Su-1 en tomoroow it will arrive :) I will connect it with I2S to my Gustard X20
    I own also a IFI Nano IUSB usb optimizer.
    I am thinking of place it between my pc and Singxer.
    is er anyone with experience with using both ( Ifi + Singxer) or does it not working well together.

    Greetings, Ton
  6. captblaze
    I have an I-FI iUSB micro 3.0 between my pc and Kitsune Tuned Edition SU-1 and they play nice together. is there a huge difference in sound quality without? not enough to matter to me, but I leave the iUSB in line anyway
  7. Tonbas
    Thank you for reply, no negative effects when using both anyway :)
  8. Aradea
    Hi guys.. a newbie question here and I dont have any experience with a DDC device.

    What is the goal of having the SU-1 or the F-1 (still trying to find the thread here) in your chain?
    Is these only for people that want to have another output option aside from USB? Due to USB jitter/noise/quality issues perhaps?

    *I mean with the SU-1 at $400 and the F-1 is at $180.. I bet there some sound quality improvement expected here
  9. T Bone
    The first goal is pretty simple - the DDC converts USB input to another digital output format such as AES, SPDIF or I2S.
    If the USB implementation in your DAC is "weak", a DDC can greatly improve signal quality.
    Case in point - I have a Holo Spring DAC. "straight USB" into this DAC was good, but not stellar. Using a Singxer SU-1 to convert the USB to I2S substantially improved the Holo's performance.
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  10. JerryLeeds
    Can anyone compare a Singxer SU-1 converted to use an external LPS vs Kitsune Tuned Edition SU-1?

    I need two setups. One for a Gumby and the other a Yggdrasil. I already have a normal SU-1 plus waiting for an Uptone Regen ISO with the LPS-1
  11. T Bone
    I have no experience with the "Kitsune Tuned" SU-1. I can tell you from personal experience that powering a SU-1 with Uptone's LPS made a significant difference. IMO it was well worth the money.
    I will go out on a limb and speculate that a tuned power supply will improve the sound of the SU-1, but perhaps not as much as the LPS.

    I have the ISO Regen as well and it sounds great! I think you will be very happy with both components.
  12. kingkikapu
    I too have been wondering if it's better to go with a standard SU-1 + LPS1 vs SU-1KTE.

    First world problems I guess.
  13. elan120
    I have not compared the two options, but went with the stock SU-1+LPS-1 route since it not only provides clean power output and more important, isolate AC leakage current from polluting SI. If Iso Regen is also added to the chain as mentioned by @T Bone above, it will also galvanically isolating USB noise from getting into the SU-1, that will further improve the overall SI.

    My guess is most people either go one way or the other, and there will likely be very few (if any) inputs from people that have actually compared both options.
  14. kingkikapu
    I was also curious about picking up an IsoRegen. It seemed a bit overkill to consider IsoRegen+LPS1+SU-1KTE. That's just crazy right?

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  15. elan120
    Agreed, totally illogical!!! and that is why I am in this crazy hobby...:smile:

    FWIW...My journey started with just stock SU-1 to run its I2S output to Holo Spring DAC input, after SU-1 KTE became available, while debating whether to try it, I decided to give the LPS-1 a try since I happened to have one, and the end result was very positive, so I finished up the rest of the mod by fabricating a blank plate in place of original AC input plate, and stayed with this configuration for a couple weeks. The next mod was to replace the main board 3.3VDC voltage regulator because all but one device on the main board receive 3.3VDC from this regulator, and the stock regulator has much higher noise and PSRR than the new regulator (based on the description from SU-1 KTE, is not included), where this regulator is limiting the result from the power supply mod, and along the way, I also replaced the 5 large electrolytic caps, the end result as expected is another step up in overall SQ. Finally, I put in the new Iso Regen + LPS-1, thinking there might not be much left to improve, and I could end up using that 30 day return policy, but the result prove me wrong once again, this unit will NOT be returned. So, yes, it is crazy.
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