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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. joseph69
    Definitely agree about your compliment to @Energy. As for the mod, I haven't done it to my KTE.
  2. thyname
    Oh man, KTE version of SU-1 plus LPS-1 as power supply should be awesome! I think changing the power supply was the only thing Tim left out from his KTE mod of the SU-1, but I may be wrong
  3. joseph69
    You're correct, the PS is the same.
    I'm considering doing the mod.
  4. captblaze
    the stock power supply gets some work also. The quote below is taken from the KTE-SU1 product page

    "Singxer KTE SU-1 – KitsuneTuned Edition w/ upgraded FineGold Caps, Wima Film caps and ultra high performance discrete regulator – 3.2uV output noise, 125db PSRR (power supply rejection ratio) compared to the stock regulator @ 150uV output noise and 70db PSRR approx."
  5. joseph69
    Yes, but it's the same PS that is in the SU-1.
  6. captblaze
    I suggest you contact Tim at Kitsune and ask him directly what he has done. I had a pretty extensive conversation with him prior to purchasing a KTE-SU1 for myself.
  7. joseph69
    I also had an extensive conversation with Tim prior to purchasing the KTE SU-1 (especially since I owned the SU-1) and I understand what he did to enhance the performance of the PS. My point is it's still the same PS itself.
  8. Thenewguy007
    What AES cable are you using? Looks nice.
  9. rafabro
    When you replace 90% components it is no longer same device. PCB can't "create" the sound and also doesn't matter if looks similar.
    captblaze likes this.
  10. joseph69
    Geez, my point was the PS wasn't replaced! And I never said it was the same device.
    I know what was replaced, it was explained to me by Tim at the time of purchase and also the reasons why.
  11. rafabro
    Thanks for the link.
    No problem to update firmware 2.02 -> 2.22, now would be great if we have driver capable to handle nonDoP . 3.34 can't do it.

    Holo Audio driver 3.40 does the job as someone said before. Native DSD512 with my Gustard - no problem.
    Last edited: May 11, 2017
  12. T Bone
    Thanks. I bought a WireWorld Starlight Gold cable. I wanted to see how a top-of-the-line AES cable would compare to I2S.

    AES performed admirably, but I2S had the edge. The difference isn't the cable - it's the fact that AES signals go through a "receiver" chip. I2S signals don't go through a receiver chipset, they more or less go straight into the R2R network.

    P.S. This AES cable is available - PM me for a sweet deal!

  13. drkingweeb
    is there a part # for the small connector that the dc wires plug into that connects to the main pc board?
    thanks, drmike
  14. Thenewguy007
    Got my DC power conversion kit upgrade.
    Now the question is which Linear Power Supply to get?

    I don't want to get the cheapest one that will barely be an improvement, but the prices on LPS skyrocket when you go to the bigger ones.
    Any good ones in the $500 range?

    Some of the ones I looked into:

    Paul Hynes Design SR3
    Qualiaphysic 271 SV
    Plixir Power
    Teralink LPS
    Channel Islands MKII
    Uptone JS-2.
    Wyred 4 Sound PS-1
    HDPLEX 200W
  15. thyname
    Ultracaps LPS-1 by Uptone
    kazsud likes this.
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