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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. LarryMagoo
    Well I have read about different Jumpers need to be moved by using different DAC's....and then read where other have had issues.   Plus I don't want a DDC that is powered by AC line voltage, instead to use DC input.   I have read so many folks happy with the Hydra Z even though it's more costly it's got all the inputs/outputs you could want.
    Hell I could be going down another damn rabbit hole with this DDC stuff...I just want an AES input for my DAC who designer claims the AES input reveals the best SQ!
  2. Tboooe
    The different jumper settings are only required if you are using I2S output from Singxer.  There are no I2S standards so that is why there are different settings for different DACs.  If you are using AES output no adjustments are necessary.
    I agree with you on the AC input issue.  That being said, Singxer tried to address that by including a very good linear power supply but I still got improvement by powering my SU-1 with an external DC supply.
    Good luck with the Hydra.  As long as you are happy with what you are hearing thats all that matters!
  3. LarryMagoo
    When I went down to the So Cal CAN Jam in LA, I chatted with Tim from Kitstune who modifies the Singxer for better performance.  Something like a SU-1 Modified...but he told me that he offers a $25 DIY kit to remove AC from the SU-1 and run it on DC.
    Thanks for clearing up that jumper issue...my DAC does not even have a I2S input because all it does is PCM....I know the Holo Spring does DSD but I have no interest in DSD files.   I imagine that is what you use your HQP for...
    I bet your setup sounds great!   Nice speakers & Sub!
  4. oneguy

    I2S and PCM have nothing to do with each other :)
    Ok well I2S is a way to carry the PCM information but that's it.
  5. LarryMagoo

    That why I said my DAC does not have an I2S because it does not do DSD....the main purpose of the I2S....My DAC makes Redbook sound fantastic so I will leave the DSD to you guys....High Res?  High Res PCM is enough for me.
  6. Energy

    You have your information VERY mixed up my friend. All devices take AC power and goes through a power supply that generates DC voltage. All devices in existence is technically powered from the AC, but not directly otherwise your Schiit would fry. It needs DC voltage. One that is stable due to it being regulated. One that has gone through a transformer, banks of capacitors, and voltage regulators. Aka, a power supply.

    Hydra-Z doesn't do anything different than the Singxer SU-1. Even their i2S that comes from the HDMI port is adjustable to match different DAC's like the SU-1. The only difference with this product is it offers a 5V DC input if anyone wants to use a better power supply. The stock power supply within the Singxer SU-1 is also outputs 5V DC... because the SU-1 doesn't offer an voltage input connector, its a tad more difficult to use a better supply because one has to find a way to cover the IEC inlet and require a hole for the cable go go into it. That way or find a way to fit the improved power supply where the existing one would be and hook it up to the IEC input (AC) so it can function and generate DC voltage.... Again, all power supplies are hooked up the the AC voltage prior to it's circuitry. Unless you're just doing further voltage regulation then it can be hooked up to an existing DC line.

    If your DAC offers AES, ToSlink, USB, S/PDIF then yes, AES is better. I for one cannot tell apart too much a different between AES and S/PDIF when using a high quality DDC like the Singxer SU-1. HOWEVER, if your DAC offers or can be modified with i2S, it is will be the most superior form of transmission, even besting AES.

    I2S is better as it skips the input receiver and goes either directly to the DAC (or the digital isolator before it). This elimates further coloration of the sound and provides you without the limitations that comes with AES and S/PDIF.

    For example, I have modified my $5000 Metrum Pavane which only has AES as it's best input. Now with i2S it sounds ridiculously better. To me, the sound quality benefits were almost as good as going from USB to AES.

    Yes, he has modified the power cable, electrolytic capacitors, a few film capacitors, and a better 5V voltage regulator. That one sells for around $700 if I remember. Anyways, I never heard about a $25 kit, but think all that is is a metal cover to cover the IEC at most with a DC input connector like the Hydra-Z. One would still need to solder the wire from the existing SU-1 reclocking board to the connector.

    As stated earlier, AC and DC doesn't work that way. It already runs on DC. Most things do.

    I personally only have PCM files in 16/44.1khz or 24/192khz and use i2S transmission when I owned the Holo Audio Spring. I also did the same when I owned the X-Sabre Pro for a brief moment and now, same thing for the Metrum Acoustics Pavane. It simply just sounds better than every other connection but that's for you to judge. I actually wanted to not hear a difference to now waste money but it easily swayed me.

    I2S is a way of sending music information to the DAC chip for digital conversion. It does PCM and DSD, not just DSD nor was it created for DSD (If anything PCM came first).

    I recommend you give i2S a try in the future if you ever upgrade your DAC, maybe find one with i2S input available (Holo Audio Spring maybe?). Up to you.
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  7. LarryMagoo

    Then why use the HDMI connection?  My guess would be because it handles Hi-Freq better than AES does..no?   
  8. oneguy

    I2S can be done over more than just HDMI. Some companies like Audio-gd do it over RJ45.
  9. LarryMagoo
    Thanks for the explanation...much appreciated...love to learn about new stuff all the time![​IMG]   My Yggy has no HDMI inputs....I've only been able to use the USB input (from my Mac mini) so far and I have been blown away over my previous DAC (but then there is no comparison between R2R DACs such as the Yggy and Spring to the Delta Sigma DACs IMO).   I will all get my stuff hooked up and running this weekend to hopefully hear a step up in SQ!
  10. Energy

    I2S has no standard as of now.


    There's DIN, HDMI, RJ45, D-Sub, BNC, and so many other types of connections. Some work better than others. In my opinion HDMI is superior to RJ45 as it offers a balanced way of transmiting i2S signal rather than single ended. This further helps signal integrity due to shielding among other thigs. These things help to further remove jitter from the signal.

    I bet you'll hear a signifcant difference if you had a Singxer SU-1 feeding AES to the Yggdrasil, I know I did. But if you already have a high end source/transport like an Auralic Aries for example which outputs AES, the difference won't be too huge in comparison.

    The Yggdrasil is great and I agree with you regarding the statement of R2R Multibit and R2R Ladder sounding superior versus Delta Sigma. It's perhaps isn't always the case, but through my experiences happens 98% of the time..

    If you ever want to upgrade or hear something different, I highly recommend you diverge from R2R multibit and give R2R ladder a try. I heavily vouch for NOS DAC's as it sounds more natural to me. If you've never tried the Holo Audio Spring, it can be a nice goal for the future. I'm not saying own one, but do give it a listen. It's a little more inimate sounding than the Yggdrasil, but works better for headphone setups.
  11. LarryMagoo
    My New DDC is the AudioByte Hydra Z. I am getting an Hd-Plex LPS that has 4 independent rail DC output that will drive my MAC Mini, my Hydra Z and my Mini DSP DDRC 88A room correction box.

    I just got my Yggy so it would be a spell before I'd look at another DAC. from what I know it's also a NOS DAC as it bit perfect no? I do spend quite a bit of time with my 800S through my Oppo HA 1's amp.:)

  12. Energy
    Wounds like a good use for the HD-Plex LPS.
    Just make sure it outputs the right voltage to the right componenets.!

    And no. Bit perfect does not correlate with NOS at all. Bit perfect is just the DAC's ability to play all those bits correctly without loss. Now the DAC's ability to properly convert a certain digital file, say 16 bit is up to how many total bits the delta sigma chip, R2R multibit, or R2R ladder can support. There's never real 24 bits worth of information so the Yggdrasil should have no problems playing them bit-perfectly, and optimally.

    NOS on the other hand stands for No-Over-Sampling. Unlike Delta Sigma or traditional digital filters, the closed form digital filter within the Ygggdrasil does perserve it's original samples (given to it by the source). It however is still a DAC that oversamples because it sends those samples though certain hardware that does FIR filtering among other things. This makes the Yggdrasil an R2R Multibit/OS DAC.

    High end R2R Ladder DAC's like the Holo Audio Spring, Total DAC, Metrum Acoustics Pavane, etcetera, choces to ditch these filters to gain a more natural sound signature, similar to that of vinyl sound (elimination of digital noise or the sound that it induces). In end, NOS may not measure as good as other DAC's (SNR, THD, etc), but the measurement that's heard through hearing will prove you otherwise. We have sonic filters implemented in our own ears given since birth. These filters are mainly to reach a certain treshold, may it be for good measure or cleanout of bad sectors that need smoothing out.

    I've also had the HD800S with the Oppo HA-1 at one point in time. It's a good all in one unit, but being SABRE chip based, it sounds very thin and bright out of the Sennheiser headphones. Personally I would recommend equalization. Once you use the Yggdrasil opposed to the HA-1, you'll notice how the treble sibilance gets greatly reduced.
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  13. Superdad

    BTW, Mutec is on record that they do not object to people ripping the switching PS out of the MC3+USB to feed in better power.  We have already had a few clients do with the Mutec units--with stellar results.
    From Mutec's CEO:
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  14. winders
    You are making claims here that are not factual. If what you said were true, every NOS DAC would better than every OS DAC.....
  15. Energy

    I did not make a statement like that, nor did I heavily push anywhere in saying that all NOS implemented DAC designs sound better than their OS counterpart.

    I simply explained NOS along with filters and why these filters were initially ditched by these companies. Yes, while I do agree that my sentences were on the factual side so I'll retract those statements there.

    Anyways, back to topic.
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