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Singxer SU-1 Kitsune PoE DDC

Trader History (6)
  1. ecapsretliab
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    Up for grabs is my modified SU-1 Audio Bridge.



    The blackest background with incredible micro detail and not a trace of harshness. Huge improvement over stock.

    A reluctant sale but need the funds.

    List of modifications:
    OSCON Caps
    High Retention USB
    Sparkos Regulator
    Dual LT3045 1A Regulators
    Mu-Metal Faraday Cage
    PoE Ethernet Inputs
    VH Audio V-Quad CU21 Internal Wiring (Direct to PCB with Cardas Silver Solder)
    Aluminum Heatsinks
    LED's Disconnected
    Cork Footers

    If you are unfamiliar with PoE, feel free to ask questions. Simply put, instead of a DC cable you use Ethernet cables, in this case separate positive and negative runs. ( I will label +/- before I ship)

    I will include a DC (female) to dual Ethernet adapter as well. Just hook it up to an LPS (7v to 9v range) pick your favorite Ethernet cables and you're good to go.

    Will ship worldwide double boxed.
    Paypal and shipping included in price.
    Condition 8/10 (Some small paint chips, front face is unblemished. Two front screws are silver as I misplaced the others)
    Flawless operation.


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