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Singapore Meet 2016 June

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  1. alamakazam
    Singapore Meet 2016 June
    Date : June 2016 , most probably a sunday
    Venue : not confirmed, as of now, BUGIS area
    Price : $10 - $20 depending on venue, any sponsors?
    Looking for : 1 or 2 sponsors , do contact me at alamakazam@gmail.com
    Helpers wanted too !
    Highlights : Computer Audiophile shoot out
    Bookmark this thread for the latest update!!
    2015 June Meet
  2. Gaghiel
    I am in if available. Enjoyed last meet. 
  3. FranTBW
    Might be interested! Relatively new audiophile/head-fier here, hoping to learn some stuff from the pros :). If it's in the third week of June I'm definitely down, any earlier I'll still be having BMT (lol NS).
  4. remastered
    Parking here to keep myself updated on this [​IMG]
  5. eawtan
    Looks like this meeting will not happen ???
  6. bontakun77
    Any new meet ups in SG this year?
  7. alamakazam
    there is canjam in march, so maybe june 2017?
  8. bontakun77
    Ah ok, still a while more then...
  9. Character
    good day to all any Christmas/ halloween meetup?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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