Simple Headphone and Soundcard Question
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Mar 1, 2008
Hello, this is my first post at Head-Fi, and just wanted to say Hi, hope to be here for awhile!

On to my question.

I have a pair of ATH-A700 and a X-FI XtremeMusic that I picked up on sale.

Now I normally plug my headphones into the dock of my Z-5500s (Really wish I didn't purchase those)

Shown below


Well I no longer have my Z-5500's, so as dumb as this may sound, is it ok for me to just plug my Headphones into the soundcard, Unamped?

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Welcome to Head-Fi!

Most soundcards do have a built-in amp, if not a terribly powerul one. The good news is that your Audio-Technicas are very efficient. Try plugging them in to the soundcard and see if you like it. If it sounds good to you, go with it.
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its not dumb, I found my headphones improved dramatically when put into my soundcard rather than through my crappy speakers

just try it, if you dont like it, change it back

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