Similar Sound to Von Schweikert Speakers
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Nov 7, 2009
I'm wondering if anyone here has heard Von Schweikert Audio speakers and can recommend a similar sound in an IEM?

I'm using the LCR 15s and listen in 2 channel pure/source direct, they are very transparent with great clarity and clean tight base.

I also have Diamond Audio Hex component speakers (silk tweeters) in the car which Albert Von Schweikert says uses a similar driver.

So I want the closest I can get to this, I've been looking at different threads searching different brands and have about narrowed it down to the Shure SE530, but since sound is so subjective I'm thinking if any others who are familiar with Schweikert speakers may be able to point me to the same/similar sound.

This is for use with an ipod classic playing lossless jazz and some vocals


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