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Silver Bullet vs. RE0 vs. SE 215....

  1. aman1420
    I know, I know, please, don't yell at me...I just don't have too much time to sift through reviews....thanks in advance <:)
    Basically, pick what you think is the best out of the three, then fill this out with pertinent information/further details/comments:
    EDIT: After each number rating, a quick explanation would be extremely helpful; however, saving all comments for the last entry is perfectly fine! 
    My choice:
    I am a (basshead, treblehead, mid...head?, etc etc etc):
    Comfort level (1-10):
    Isolation (1-10):
    Durability (1-10):
    Soundstage (1-10) (not expecting much here):
    Highs (1-10):
    Mids (1-10):
    Lows (1-10):
    Sound signature (cold, warm, analytical, smooth, etc...):
    Other comments regarding sound quality:
    Thanks again! :)
  2. grahamnp
    SE215       RE0
    Comfort level (1-10):  9, 6
    Isolation (1-10): 9, 5 (can be improved with tips)
    Durability (1-10): SE215 seems solid enough but mine broke in a few months so...., RE0: 3

    Soundstage (1-10) (not expecting much here):  6, 5
    Highs (1-10):  5, 9
    Mids (1-10): 7, 8

    Lows (1-10):  6,
    Sound signature: SE215: Warm and smooth, RE0:  Neutral and clean sounding
    Other comments regarding sound quality:  Only filled the numbers in because you asked, I don't believe they do the earphones justice as there isn't really any frame of reference.  The RE0 is the better sounding earphone but is light on the bass and can be trebly for some, the SE215 is the better everyday headphone for commuting IMO.  It is more rugged and isolates better.  It also has the more easy to like sound signature.  Never heard the Silver Bullet.

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