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Silk Audio Transformer Volume Control (TVC) with Seiden Switch

  1. dsavitsk
    23 steps, Supermalloy cores with 1200H of inductance. Details at http://www.diyhifisupply.com/node/341

    Switch is a Seiden 23 position http://www.diyhifisupply.com/node/310

    These are already soldered together, so all you need are 2 pairs of jacks and a box for a lovely preamp. Comes with the mounting clamps shown (note that I put a layer of cardboard between the clamps and the transformer cases to keep them from scratching -- these come out)

    $370 for the set (PayPal included, shipping is extra).
    PM, or email my username at ecp.cc
  2. youguanxi
    Hello! Are these still available?

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