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Silicone IEM Tips vs Foam IEM Tips. Impressions?

  1. clee290
    So earlier today, I made a thread asking for suggestions for some nice earbuds and I mentioned that I don't like IEMs much. The main reason that I don't like IEMs is because the tips are usually silicone tips. So I've just discovered that there are foam tips as well. Does anyone have experience with these? What are the main differences (besides the material itself) between them? Comfort? Any advantages? Disadvantages?
  2. slntdth93
    -More comfortable
    -Higher Isolation (usually)
    SQ wise, depends on the tips
    -Comply dampens the highs while (slightly) emphasizing bass
    -Never tried Shure Foam (olives)
    -Monster supertips on RE0 keep the highs and a bit more bass (Compared to Sony Hybrids)
    -Durability: Comply falls apart really quick (and are very expensive)
    Shure olives: only fits narrow sound tubes
    Monster Supertips: lots of $$$
  3. ericp10
    It depends on the IEM as to whether foam or silicon is better.
    I'm using comply tips given by UE and i would say comply is SLIGHTLY better but if you intend to buy, it would cost abit more than silicon.. It fits in well since the comply tips is ultra soft. Another type of comply tips that have Integrated Wax-Guard can prevent wax getting into ur headphones so there's no need for cleaning of your IEM... The 1 i'm using sits in my ear nicely and the noise isolation is the same silicon tips. there's a thin layer kind of plastic covering the comply and mine haven't fall apart yet. :D
    Check out this link... exactly the 1 i'm using..
  5. lucozade
    X2,as slntdth93 says ,plus silicon tips can make your ear drums itch quite a bit but in general sound better in my experience , the exception to that rule being the monster foam supertips which are very comfortable and sound great too

  6. clee290
    Thanks for the info guys!

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