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Silicone Eartip Recommendations

  1. ArlakTheRecluse
    Hello there!
    I have a sort of big issue with most headphones; they don't fit very well. This is due to most eartips not fitting in my ears. I cannot stand any sort of memory foam eartips though, as every time I've tried any of them they're too big and never fit in my ears. What can you all recommend for me to try out in silicone, or even just regular foam? Thanks a lot.
  2. BananaOoyoo
    Depending on the IEM, for silicone tips, I’ll switch between:

    Acoustune AET07 - size down
    Acoustune AET08
    Azla Sedna - size down
    E-Pro Horn Shaped Tips
    Final E-Type
    JVC Spiral Dots
    Sony (stock)
    Spinfit (Double-flanged)
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