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Silicon tips like Klipsch S4 for UE TF 10 ?

  1. phlashbios
    Does anyone know of a silicon eartip that will fit the UE TF10's that is like the oval shaped silicon tips that are used on the Klipsch S4 ?
    I am currently using a no-brand triple flanged silicon tip with the TF10's that is OK, but is not comfortable for long periods of time, whereas I can wear the S4's with their tip all day long and not notice them there. Sound isolation for me is much better with the Klipsch tips too than the triple flange ones on the TF10's, but the nozzle on the TF10's is far too wide to accept the Klipsch tips unfortunately.
    Thanks for your time . 
  2. ru9
    You can stretch the S4's silicon eartips little by little. Use the tip of the pencil to strech. Seems impossible but I was able to make it fit the TF10. 
  3. musicinmymind
    Do not use any tips which has bore width less than stock tips, it will rise the mid bass hump and lower the high's
    if stock tips do not work, check for other tips that has similar bore.
  4. phlashbios
    Won't that do horrible things to the sound? The Klipsch tips have a very narrow tunnel
  5. phlashbios
    Well that's what I am trying to find and why I am asking if anyone knows of any :) Tips like the Klipsch ones, but that will fit the TF10's 
  6. Fimbulvetr
    Klipsch tips are overrated . Get Sony hybrids.
  7. phlashbios
    Klipsch tips fit me perfectly, but I have already got some Sony Hybrids on order in the hope they'll fit. At the moment though, I am still searching for something like the Klipsch, but with a hole large enough for the TF 10's
    Has anyone tried those Pro-Guard eartips ?
  8. batphink
    Tips for the MEElectronics M6 iems fit the UE TF10.
    phlashbios likes this.
  9. phlashbios
    Thanks for that, I will try them :)
  10. phlashbios
    Just to report back, I finally received these yesterday. 
    Both the double flange ones and the medium sized regular ones work a treat. They are quite a soft silicone too and much easier to get on the nozzles than Sony Hybrids, and for me, a better fit than the Hybrids too.
  11. Nochaunceinell
    Interesting... so why not try foam tips? Just wanted something more durable?
  12. phlashbios
    Hate foam tips. Especially on the TF10's. They muddy the sound.
    Silicons every time for me on all IEM's, but particularly on these. I normally have absolutely no trouble at all with tips, with any IEM's I buy, and am able to always find a set of tips in the bag supplied that will fit me. Medium sized oval tips of pretty much any type, normally provide me with near perfect isolation and comfort.
    The TF10's, because of their odd fit, have been the only pair of IEM's I have had, that have ever given me problems with fit, and thanks to batphink on here suggesting the M6 tips, I have a perfect fit with them now :)
    EDIT: I may have even wasted my time trying to find eartips for the TF10's however, cos I have just ordered some CIEM's from Cosmic Ears, thanks to their extremely cheap pricing for customs and the people on here being extremely bad for a person like me who has little self-control when it comes to purchasing headphones. lol
  13. Nochaunceinell

    wow I am so jealous. every purchase I make is based on finding tips that will work [​IMG]

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