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Signature issue—HTML only

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by jwbrent, Aug 6, 2018.
  1. jwbrent

    After the website update last year, I changed my signature for posts and it was easy to do so. I was even able to choose the color of the text. Now, when I try and change it, it’s shown in html as is the preview. Yes, I can copy and paste html code for color or such, but really, it shouldn’t be like this.

    I’m using an iPad mini with iOS 11 to view your site. Comments welcome.
  2. jwbrent
    Any thought about this Head-Fi team?
  3. joe Administrator
    Hello @jwbrent!

    From what I can see, your signature is in BBcode, and you'll need to use BBcode to modify it. If you're using HTML, it won't work.

    Note that my testing was done via browser on a Mac, so I'll test a similar situation (iPad with most recent OS updates) momentarily.

    Update: It's the same on my iPad -- It's in BBcode, and does need to be edited in BBcode.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2018
  4. jwbrent
    Thank you for your reply. My mistake in incorrectly guessing the issue I’m speaking about is HTML.

    There was a time after the big update that changing my signature was easy to do since it was shown in plain text, wysiwyg. There were even text options for style and color. Now when I go to change the signature, it reads, in your words, as BBcode, thus making it difficult to edit. Even when I use Preview, it’s shown as BBcode, not as text, not as it will be seen by other members.
  5. joe Administrator
    What browser are you using, and do you have any plugins/extensions in that browser? I'm not seeing the same issue, so I need to see if I can re-create it, matching as many factors as possible.
  6. jwbrent
    I use an iPad mini 4 running the latest version of iOS 11, and the browser is Safari.

    I’d try my MacBook Air running High Sierra and the latest version of Safari, but I can’t even get on your site with it, it just stalls and it’s been that way for months now.

    Anyway, don’t go to any trouble, it’s a small issue that I can work around.
  7. joe Administrator
    @jwbrent - Thank you for the update. I have an iPad Air with iOS 11.4.1, and its working the same in both Chrome and Safari on mine.

    Regarding your Macbook Air issue, I'd love to know which generation you're using, and if you're running any plugins/extensions, because I can't seem to recreate that problem. My laptop is a mid-2012 MBP on High Sierra, and I'm not able to recreate it. If you can PM me or email me joe [at] head-fi [dot] org, I'd appreciate it, so that we can continue troubleshooting this. I want you to be able to use Head-Fi on all devices!

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