Sign Up! Head-fi's 2008 Christmas CD Exchange!
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Sorry for the delay folks. I guess with running the headphone programme, dealing with the new job and having been burned last year on the exchange (of the 5 years I've run it - or is it six now? - I've been burned twice!) this has not been at the forefront of my mind.

Regardless, 'Tis the season and all that! So let us get on with it.

The rules are VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY simple.

Read that again: VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY simple.


Okay, there is [size=small]1 rule[/size] and [size=small]1 rule only[/size] this year:

[size=medium]1) If you agree to sign up, you are agreeing to SEND YOUR EXCHANGE PARTNER A GIFT BY CHRISTMAS![/size]

See! How easy is that? I've compressed it down for the slow readers out there.

Seriously, with the problems we have experienced in the past, I figure this year, one rule, one sentence so that it makes it easy to remember.

Now then, how does one agree to this thing officially? POST IN THIS THREAD!

I will read this thread multiple times a day and update a list in this initial post. December 1st will be the official cut off date. That means after the 1st one is no longer guaranteed a partner. However, if we have stragglers, I'll accommodate so long as I have an even number.

Regarding shipping, I'll try to pair folks up on the same continent or better yet country if specified. Otherwise, I'm going to assume folks won't care who their partner is or where they are from.

This can be a very exciting exchange and an opportunity to get acquainted with a fellow member and ideally be exposed to some new and exciting music.

Historically, the expectation has been that one would send and receive a new CD or LP. I leave this up to the folks exchanging. However, given the price of CD's at places like Amazon for instance, I don't think it is much to ask to send out a new disc. This may amount to 18 bucks with shipping. If you seriously can't see yourself committing 18-25 bucks for this exchange, please don't sign up.

So Merry Christmas! Let the fun begin!

[size=large]Here is the list exchange list![/size]

[size=medium]-=Germania=-<--> Steve_72
tyrion <--> n_maher
malldian <--> rockin_amigo14
jonathanjong<--> nsx_23
Zanth <--> Uncle Erik
jilgiljongiljing<--> pat1006
illy2k <--> craiglester
krmathis <--> Dzjudz
Contrastique<--> J-Pak
Voltron <--> Wmcmanus
acidbasement<--> davidhunternyc
riceboy <--> Postal_Blue
MASantos <--> Bastet
xenithon <--> omegaman
Audiofiler <--> Keithpgdrb
kydsid <--> mr_baseball_08
NacMacFeegle <--> Absorbine_Sr
varro <-->fraseyboy
Luminette <-->elrod-tom
juniperlater <-->HeadphoneAddict
The Actual <--> TopPop
itsborken <--> SundayDuffer
vpivinylspinner<--> BigTony
nickknutson <--> Nicolas2305
jbusuego <--> Ricochet
rlanger <--> acidtripwow
Aimless1 <--> That dude
yaluen <--> jrosenth
fatman711 <--> elliot42
lisnalee <--> varro
fzsrv <--> BRBJackson
MD1032 <--> Cankin
mbriant <--> Jude[/size]
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Nov 29, 2002
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Jan 2, 2007
I am in. Sign me up! Ho Ho Ho!

EDIT: I would prefer CD's since I don't have a turntable

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