Sick of Ordering Online
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Jan 1, 2007
I've had pretty good luck with only orders usually. I haven't had any with problems, until recently where it seems like nothing has gone right. First off it was an order that went completely awry, my computer's wireless started going a bit wonky so I decided to order a new wireless card. What I get is something that was mislabeled and this particular retailer (tigerdirect) wants me to pay shipping on the return. Of course the cost of shipping is the same as the cost of the card, so that's a deal I can refuse.

Well I felt it was time for a new pair of headphones recently as well, and after a while of thinking on it I decided to get a pair of Klipsch Custom-1s. There isn't much out there on those right now so I'd try the early adopter thing right? Well after the UPS driver leaves them at the mailbox I'm already kind of annoyed, but not compared to when I finally get the box open. I open them and see that the packaging has been opened all the way down to the seal that holds the headphones in and the extra earpieces are missing. Wonderful. I ordered from Amazon and not one of their marketplace sellers in hopes that something like this wouldn't happen, and it kind of payed of since they aren't making me pay shipping to return them. I'm just hoping they'll ship the replacement quick enough and that those will actually be sealed.

To add insult to injury my speakers and my other headphones are still at school since I'm home on break and figured I would have these to listen to, my only other pair around are my Vibes which are packed up to be shipped to their new home, so I'm stuck with my laptop's speakers.

So of the last two things I've bought online I've gotten burnt in some way on them and I'm pretty much burned out with online ordering right now and I'm kind of just venting here because I'm pretty frustrated right now.

So what about everyone else? Any bad experiences since the last one of these type threads were posted to share?

*Well I must admit, Amazon eased my frustration a lot. As I was posting this apparently I received an e-mail from them saying they're shipping a new pair, with one day shipping. Keep in mind this is before I even have the old pair in the mail. While I lose a weekend's worth of listening that is still great customer service. I couldn't ask for more.
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I am sure that most people have had a bad experience ordering online but you also get the bad times in stores also. I like ordering most things online, I just can't stand UPS. I think they have it set in their computers to smash the crap out of everything sent to my address.
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ow, laptop speakers are as bad as it gets.. worse than iBuds for me...

well.. two incomparable ultimate evils there, but still

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2nd worst online buying experience: During a time when it was hard to find good deals on etymotics, they had an authorized UK reseller. I made the purchase, and nothing happened. No charge on my card, no email, nothing. So, after a few days I sent an email to ping them to ask if my order went through. No reply. A few days later I asked again. No reply. After the 3rd attempt I got this insane ranting type reply about how I was a scammer because I was chasing down an order and therefore my order was canceled and he was going to report me (yeah, report me to the internet).

That was just sort of an amusing What moment where I got to meet a crazy person. I complained to etyomotic about it, and I THINK, if I recall, they were eventually removed from the list.

But the story isn't over. His ex-wife apparently was lurking a thread here where I told this story, and PM'd me about the whole bunch of crazy that he was. I already had etys, so as I remember I got the p-to-s adapter for free, and I told everyone how great she was.

But then a few months later I tried ordering replacement tips from them, and it was the same problem, I gave up after the first attempt to email them, the site may well have already been dead.

Worst experience:

This site was the worst. I purchased a Line6 pod and some AKG 240s's. That totaled some €350, and I was charged immediately which is not cool. I emailed them and they assured me my order was on the way. It wasn't. I got story after story for 6 months about this that and the other, with no refund in site. The lightbulb finally came on for me, and I gave them a call, and what do ya know, the phone was disconnected. I called their credit card service, and was told they had gone bankrupt. The website was still taking orders, but it died shortly after.

I sent Mastercard all the communications, showing that I hadn't exactly done nothing for 6 months, but the claim was of course denied. I should have taken that to court, because someone not too long ago won a case against a CC company for the same kind of deal, where there was proof.

And then a couple of years later, Europeanmusician opens up under a different but similar name, and I get the spam email announcing the ground opening. I flamed that guy to holy hell and back, and I got lots of sputtering as a reply, but no denials, and no money back.

I just sorta donated to their charity. I made the mistake of allowing myself to be strung along, but that doesn't mean they weren't crooks. Lesson learned.
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In the 10 years or so I have ordered things online I can say almost all have been good experiences.

My only advice to keep it this way is to steer clear of what is too good to be true, new businesses or sellers and anything that just gives you a weird feeling. Now there are a few other tools you could use if you are willing to look things up. God the internet is a great thing.

I personally haven't had a problem with UPS as a recipient, but have had things stolen when sending items. That along with personal knowledge of UPS keeps me well clear of them at all costs. Although seems I am a gluton for punishment. I have two packages on UPS set to arrive next week.
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I've been mostly lucky so far. I'll pay a few dollars more to buy from an established, reputable seller. Also, I like the USPS and have packages insured. That usually means I have to pick up at the Post Office Saturday morning, and I don't mwind the wait that much. The local Post Office is friendly and I've never had anything damaged or stolen since I've done this.
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Apparently the UPS driver also delivers to the school where my mom works, she works front desk so she knows him. He saw her and my dad out walking and assumed no one was home (since most of the year he would be right) so he left it on the mailbox for them to pick up when they got back. Simple as that. So that's another part of the rant that was kind of quelled. I had no idea on that part and was kind of annoyed when I saw it, but knowing that now it's fine.

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