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Sibling Rivalry; The Woo WA2 vs The Woo WA6SE (review posted: update 6-3-2011)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by baka1969, May 26, 2011.
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  1. baka1969 Contributor

    I'll go out on a limb and say I would get the WA6LE because I believe the HD700 will sound better on the WA6LE than the LCD-3 will on the WA2. YMMV

    That said, if you insist on the most "tubey" sound, the WA2 is the choice of the two.
  2. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Good points Ross. 
  3. Badas

    Thanks for the inputs guys.

    I have only been into the cans game for a month. I have collected some decent stuff already. Just want to finish on some tubes. I think I will go WA6-SE as it will likely suit the LCD3 better. To me the LCD3 is as close as it gets to end game HP. So it is best to look for something that suits it.
  4. MacedonianHero Contributor
    For the LCD-3s being your endgame, I'd go with the WA6SE as Ross mentioned. 
  5. Dubstep Girl
  6. Badas
    Thanks Guys. I will choose WA6-SE over WA2.
    However I have been thinking about going smaller. Possibly WA6.
    I tell ya my thinking.
    I have the Oppo HA-1 amp. The LCD-3 and Oppo combination is fantastic. Interestingly I only need to run the LCD-3 in low impedance mode. It is plenty loud enough at the 9-10 O'clock position (I don't listen overly loud). The Oppo has 75W power and it is plenty to run both HP's.
    The WA6 is rated at 80W. 5W more than the Oppo. So I was thinking that should be plenty of power to run my HP's at a similar volume to the Oppo. Is this right or have I missed something?
    One other minor issue I have is space (see pic below). Space is becoming a real commodity. However I will always make space for cool equipment.
    This is not a $$ issue. I'm just asking myself. Do I need that power for the HP's I own??? and shall I save some space???
    Do ya think I would be okay with the WA6?
    I plan to put a Woo WA? where the matrix model is. Move PS3 and PS4 to bottom amp shelf and leave the total top for headgear.
  7. Dubstep Girl
    I think those numbers are the power the amp actually consumes, as in electricity.but as for power to actually drive the headphones, both are in the milliwatt (mW) range, maybe 1-2 watts tops.
    big numbers like that would be more like those that you would see for speaker amps.
  8. Badas
     I find that the LCD-3 requires less than my Senny HD700. I noticed the website says the little fireflys can drive the LCD-2 well. So would a WA6 be powerful enough for Audeze LCD-3?
    Or should I just make room and throw in the WA6-SE (I think it could be wasted on me)? I don't listen loud.
  9. Dubstep Girl
    i think the WA6 would be barely enough.
  10. Badas

    Cool. I got it.
    WA6-SE it is then. I will make space.
    I don't want to be underpowered. I know all about that as you can see with the poweramps I have for speakers in the pic above.
    Thanks for ya help all.
  11. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Exactly...orthos sound best with more power, and the LCD-3s "deserve" the WA6SE. [​IMG]
  12. baka1969 Contributor

    Agreed. It's not really only about listening volume. The extra power helps the orthos run at their best.

    Think of it like a sports car. A 2500 lb sports car with 100 hp and one with 500 hp will both get to 100 mph. Which do you think will get there more easily?
  13. Dubstep Girl
    2014-nissan-gt-r-track-edition-chicago.jpg    2005-toyota-corolla-xrs.jpg
  14. Fatdoi
    Hi its been nearly 3 years since last post here, has anyone paired the amps to newer cans like Elear, LCDX, Ether, He1k etc?
  15. omniweltall
    What I'm interested is how the twin Woo fare against other tube amps in the market: Elise, Mjolnir 2, Zana Deux S, Cavalli amps.
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