Siberia V2's USB C-media chip with the ATH-A900x turns out well!
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Headphoneus Supremus
Mar 29, 2013
Is it me or does the C-media chip that comes with the siberia v2's sound better than my onboard audio? I used to have Siberia V2's so I decided to try it out with the ATH-a900x

'm messing around with the equalizer and the bass doesn't distort when I plug in my ATH-900x when I'm pushing the lower frequency ranges on foobar2000 all the way up [55hz].
I've read around here on the forums that the a900x has weak bass without any enhancement. 
But when I push the lower frequencies, not only does it rumble but it sounds so much less muddier than my friend's dr dre beats.

Anyways, I plug in my headphones to onboard audio with Supreme FXiii, push the bass and it's like the Supreme FXii is trying to auto level the mids and highs. For example when there's no bass line in a techno track, the levels of the mids and highs would become louder to a painful volume until the lower frequencies come back. This is not apparent with the siberia v2's c-media chip.

Is onboard audio that bad? Which one would technically be better? Onboard Supreme Fxiii, or the C-media chip?

Will a sound card that costs under $50 really be the difference of day and night? If so, anyone have suggestions for an onboard/USB sound card?

Equipment used:

ATH-a900x [23 hour usage time]

Onboard Supreme FXiii [ROG Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z]
Siberia V2's USB C-Media Soundcard


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