SHURE's Matt Engstrom Warns of Fake SHURE Products
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In this thread, SHURE's Matt Engstrom answers concerns about fake SHURE products. A copy of his post is included below.


Originally Posted by Sugarfried /img/forum/go_quote.gif

The earphone in the photograph is a counterfeit. Shure has never manufactured such a product or permitted the manufacture of the same. Cheers to the Head-fi sleuths for sniffing this (and many others) out.

Shure takes regular enforcement action to protect our customers against poor quality fakes that take advantage of Shure's reputation including regularly monitoring eBay and various auction sites around the world.

Generally, if the price is far too low, the supplier is dubious, the product is unknown and the seller is probably operating from an untraceable web-based email account, it is very likely that you are dealing with a counterfeiter.

If you are serious about sound and want to experience Shure quality sound, I recommend that you only purchase Shure earphones from an authorized Shure products dealer. Check out:

Shure Incorporated Online Store


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