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SHURE SRH940 - Headband Crack - Marley Modification/Solution

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by extorsivo, Jun 16, 2016.
  1. Extorsivo
    Hi guys!
    I would like to share my solution for that repair of the cracked Shure SRH940 with you.
    I call it “The Marley-Mod”.
    At first, sorry for my english, i´m not very familiar with it.
    At next, thanks to Andy & Thomas for helping me out with that project.
    I bought an SRH940 in April 2013 and it was broken about 10 month later.
    So I bought an other brocken SRH940 with a crack on a different point of the headband, so i can repair my headphone. But i did know that it was a matter of time until it breaks again. So i asked a friend of my (Thomas) to make some parts with CNC milling machine. Together we made a concept and couple of month later was the first aluminium part done.
    Meanwhile i ordered some parts for the headband from Beyerdynamic, paddet it and covered it with soft goat leather. Also i pad the earpads with the same goat leather.
    A half year later the headband broke again. The aluminium parts were not ready at this point, so i needed another solution. I asked Andy for help, because he had possibilities to work in a work shop. So he created temporary stabilizations with some aluminum plates.
    A couple of weeks later I got the milled parts from Thomas. Because I have no work shop, I gave some parts Andy, he made some boreholes and changes. He also had some ideas how to transfer the functions of the original on the replica.
    eg. the small spring in the outer ear (that keeps this somewhat firmer in the folding movement) needs a small opponent at the pinna suspension.
    (Or use the small brass tubes at the auricular attachment, for better freedom of movement)
    Meanwhile, I was prepairing the remaining parts with a file and sandpaper until it had the desired shape.
    When I got the last part, it was like Christmas. But the joy was short-lived. When I composed all custom built parts, i found the weaknesses on our concept.
    1. The bracket with the joints and external ear hangers is too large. When I put on the headphones and held the earcups to the ear, the temple was hovering about 3 cm above the head.
    2. The springs that I had installed in the joints were not strong enough and the ears were hanging down. In the original it comes obliquely inwards when this pops up completely.
    So i start to research another solution. I tried to find an headphone with metal headband with a shape and size of the SRH940. Denon AHD-MM400, Denon AHD-MM300 & AH-GC20, Oppo PM-3 and House of Marley Rise Up are all possibilities I would try.
    A couple of days later i found a cheap offer at ebay for the House of Marley Rise-Up and bought it for around 50€.
    Since the Rice-Up arrived and I unpacked it, I realised that the earcups are slightly larger at the attachment of the headband, than the Shure earcups, however, easy to bend. During dismantling of the Rise Up i broke some of original screws accidentally. To avoid any risk, I replaced all the screws with new ones.
    Mostly I sat longer screws with 2 nuts as a placeholder. This improved the freedom of rotation of the earcups of felt 60 ° to 360 °. In the final version, the rotation is limited only by the cable. Later I put some silver sprayed brass tubes over the double nuts to improve the appearance.
    Since the Beyerdynamic headband was ready, I decided to try the sliders of Rise Up with the rocker of Beyerdynamic in the attachment.
    Amazingly it fits the slider of the Rise Up in the attachment of the Beyerdynamic almost perfectly. After 5 minutes work with a cutter, they finally fit perfectly into the now 2mm wider recess and could be ascertained.
    The comfort of the modified Headphone is pleasant. The pressure is slightly higher than the original, this is an improvement in my opinion. Now the Shure holds a little harder on my head and slip not so quickly. On the top of the head i dont feel anything disturbing, no difference to the original.
    Because the new screws are slightly thinner than the original and thicker screws would disturb the freedom of movement, I put a small brass tube over the screws.
    For the headband i used a beyerdynamic cable. I drilled the earcups to carry the cables on the outside.
    Through the mod, I noticed that the two SRH940 that I own, have a little difference. The metal parts of the earscups, with the Shure logo & model number, are slightly different. One is flat, the other slightly convex.
    Is it because I imported one from the USA and another bought in Germany, or is the one a newer version? I dont know, but eventually on of you guys. I think the flat version is the one I got in Germany.
    Because one of the two headphones was broken, I never had the chance to compare them to each other, until i modified it. So I can not judge if the slight difference in the sound is a result of my modifications or result of the slight curvature earcup. Anyway, the curved version has minimal more bass. I didn't noticed other differences until now.
    Thank you for your time and I hope that my guide can help someone to repair their own SRH940.
    PS: Here the link to my original post in german.
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  2. gabrieldib
    Dude this is an amazing post. Actually SONY should be ashamed of putting such a product out there in the world and recall them all and replace our headphones with prober DURABLE ones.
    Your post is amazing but why would I go through the trouble? If I am paying that much on a headphone the least I expect is for it to be durable.
  3. Extorsivo
    Thanks dude!

    I know what you mean. I think a headphone for that price should not break that fast.
    I thought its durable when I bought it, but its not (I should have read a bit more about the durability of that headphone and not just about soundquality, but i didn't).
    I like the sound of that headphone very, very much. I like the soundstage, i like the separation, the details, the highs, middles & the bass to (the quality of the bass is amazing). The comfort is good as well.
    I did't find another headphone in that price category that fits my preference so much.

    I bought that and it cracked at the headband, i didn't threw it away, just because of that crack. Its still a good product. I like to tinker (i'm not sure if thats the right word, i mean: do or create something with own hands). So thats what i did, i created something new. It was fun to modify that headphone and improve the durability.


    It's SHURE not SONY. :wink:
  4. Bat King
    Extorsivo, you are amazing! I`ve had a pair of these for a year that I got super cheap, and the headband just broke on them! I had been looking for a cheap solution for ages! Thank you so much for your post!
    In the interests of saving more money, do you think it would be possible/comfortable to use the whole Marley head-band?
  5. Extorsivo
    Hi Bat King,

    you're welcome! Thank for you comment [​IMG]

    Yes, I think it would be possible without big effort. Its not that comfortable as a Beyerdynamic headband, but it should work.
    The headband of the Marley looks very durable too (it has a steel core or some kind of metal).
    You will need to cut the textile fibres, because it's one piece. But with some skill it shouldn't be a problem.
    I hope its helpfull. [​IMG]
  6. Bat King
    Thanks again, that was very helpful! I`ll give it a try!
  7. Extorsivo
    I just saw the Rise Up at Amazon for under 25$. So if someone wants to test the modification, its your chance:)


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